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Topic: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

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    Arrow "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    (click for MP3)
    vocal demo with experimental score video
    at bottom of this post
    done with hardware synths

    EDIT - 12-22: Note that as of this edit note, my earlier post "Some Love Too Little" has been boosted to the top from a back page. It should be listened to before this piece which includes a reprise of "Some Love."

    --the scene

    Lord Henry Wotton is driving Dorian Gray to nervous distraction with his non-stop gossip about the mysterious disappearance of Basil Hallward and the evening's shocking news that Alan Campbell, the well known chemist, has commited suicide.

    Alan is the man Dorian blackmailed to dispense with Basil's body, after Dorian murdered the painter in his attic.

    Dorian seems on the verge of telling Henry the truth about both Basil and Alan when he's interupted by the sound of someone singing out in the street.

    James Vane, who has sworn to kill Dorian in revenge for his sister's suicide, has followed Dorian to his house and now tauntingly sings the song Dorian heard James sing earlier at The Black Cat Tavern.

    Dorian frantically arranges to leave London and escape to his country estate, surrounded by a large, protective contingent of friends.

    Lily, proprietress of The Black Cat Tavern has come to warn Dorian about James. She stays in the shadows and makes plans to secretly follow James and protect the man she has fallen enough with, the remarkable Mr. Gray himself.

    --the music

    As with the entire "virtual orchestra" sound track I've recorded for the show, the instrumental track is primarily GPO.

    Below is my old vocal demo, with me singing all the parts along with the original hardware synth version of the music.

    I decided to make this my first Camtasia video screen capture project, so you can have a chance to catch the complicated lyrics for this scene-set-to-music.

    Thanks to MARCE who posted the link for the free Camtasia program in General Discussion.

    Henry's vocal line is on two staves. The top one is for the Rex Harrison-like talk-singing sections, and the second one is for when he sings pitches.

    The underscoring for Henry's talking verses are instrumental re-scorings, first of his song "Self Development", and then Basil's song "Every Picture Painted," both from early in Act One.

    The scene builds to a reprise of "Some Love Too Little" with Henry and Dorian singing counterpoint. Lily joins in for the final section.
    Here is the link to the vocal demo, presented in a Camtasia Flash video file. The file has been tested by a number of people - and it doesn't work for everyone, including me! It garbles, gets out of synch, stutters and stops.

    BUT others say the file plays fine. I'll assume that those of us for whom it doesn't work are just on computers that are too old. But theoretically, people on newer machines won't have a problem.

    I hope it works for you, because this piece is complicated and makes absolutely no sense without the lyrics. Let me know how it goes.

    with scrolling vocal score video

    (NOTE--this old demo is done WITHOUT Garritan Libraries)

    Randy B.

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    I thought for sure I saw this posted earlier and now it reappears…

    Anyway, the instrumental track sounds great – lots of bits that I recognize from earlier parts of this musical.

    Of course (knowing me you guessed it) I really liked hearing the vocals and following along with your animated score (which I could see quite well).

    Well done as usual.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    It works perfect for me here

    Have you ever been listening to a piece of music and gotten chills from it. When I do, I know I am listening to something special. When you have James(?) come in with Kill the one you love underneath the others, I chilled right out. Excellent composing. Just excellent!!

    Listening to the New track is excellent as well.

    Now you have to ask yourself the question of whether it was all worth it setting up a new program. Was it enough fun to justify all the ranting and raving? lol

    Great stuff!!


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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    You get the First Responder Prize this time, Trent!

    Yes, an earlier version of this thread was posted earlier today - But the first response up said the video was broken, garbled, stuttering and stopping. That's exactly what was happening on My machine too. Keith wrote that response, and he and I exchanged emails, confirming that we were both having the same problems.

    So I asked Gary G. to please delete the thread, which he kindly did.

    But then another tester said the file was playing perfectly--I can only assume that Keith and I are on older machines that can't handle this Flash, but people on newer machines (and that's most people now) can see it OK.

    It was with some trepidation that I put this back up - and this time I didn't mention the vid file in the subject line, which is too bad, since that could possibly interest more people. Oh well! I was just still worried that the Camtasia file would be a bust for too many folks.

    SO, I Really appreciate you letting me know that the vid played OK, Trent.

    I wish the impact that happens when James suddenly appears, singing "Some Love Too Little" could come across better on this post - But I'll just have to wait for the stage production for that.

    Thanks, Trent for the kind words.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    Ron! I just noticed - your reply must have gone up at the same time I was thanking Trent.

    Thank you so much - Sounds like you Definitely had the reaction to James (yeah, that's the character's name) when he suddenly enters with "Some Love Too Little." GREat--I really appreciate you letting me know that.

    Was it worth all the ranting and raving, trying to get Camtasia to work? WEll - yeah, it was. This song just Had to have visual lyrics or it'd be impossible to follow on here--it was the perfect candidate for the vid treatment.

    AND what I've learned is that those of us on older computers, like Keith and me, - we just can't know for sure when a Flash file is going to play OK on most machines. I think I have to just Trust that it will. It's just weird putting something up that isn't working here---That's why I sweated for 4 days trying to figure out the best settings etc. OH well!

    Thanks again, Ron--Great reply, I appreciate it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"


    This is really excellent. I took a second listen using the video score. I enjoyed reading it along with the vocal performance very much. Giving me the opportunity to enjoy the next episode of Dorian. Thanks for the extra effort in this posting.



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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"


    I love this!

    I love the rhythms, the two different melody lines laying with each other, the lyrics. I love it all.

    And the video is a great addition for this one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your show is going to rock...

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    Again, I wish I could come and see this! This is really great, I wish I could say something a bit more meaningful, but that's all I can come up with right now. Though, I do have one complaint: Lily sounds a little masculine, perhaps you should tell the girl who's singing it to sing higher?
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    Randy -

    Before I begin, I must say that I usually listen to the music found here while I'm at work. I know that this sounds strange, but I work for a very, very small hospital. The patient or patients in the two (soon to be three) bed ICU, where I work, are always safely sleeping when I come to this bulletin board to listen. The speakers on the computers at work are cheap. Interestingly, they do provide a reasonable opportunity for a pleasant listen, though.

    I'm at home, tonight. I usually don't have the time at home to spend too much time on the internet. But I do tonight!! And this, Randy, is the first time (I believe) that I listened to any of your music at my happy, little studio.

    This sounds great!!! I really love the music that you've shared on this bulletin board. And this number is no exception. But it also SOUNDS wonderful! I mean. . . nice job on the mix! It seems that you are as gifted "sequencer-recorder" as you are a composer.

    Randy. . . I would LOVE to see this musical. I think I've might have shared this with you before in previous posts, but my wife and I enjoy our theater projects (when we have the rare energy and time to work on local musical theater productions). I would LOVE to see this music performed on the east coast. . . somewhere near where I live!

    Actually. . . I am not kidding. There is a LOT of theater in this area. It isn't too unreasonable or unrealistic to have new (or newer) productions performed in the Berkshire County/Columbia County/Albany County area. For good or for bad, many of the stages that do perform new (or newer) works are smaller in size. But they exist and they do produce good quality theater.

    Randy. . . I would LOVE to have you come here and produce this musical JUST so that I can watch it!!! (Does that sound too selfish???) LOL!

    I could settle for a DVD recording, though. . . .

    Warm wishes to you as you continue to work on this most important project. I really do appreciate the fact that you are sharing your work for us. It's a pleasure listening to your work.

    Happy Holidays to you, Randy!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "SCANDALS!" - from "Dorian Gray"

    Well, I have a brand new iMac, a fiber optic internet connection and the latest flash but it still sounds like somebody slipped me a little sunshine.

    So i'll have to be satisfied just to listen to the mp3. Man, you are a fanatic!

    I can't believe someone sequenced all of this incredible music.

    It would be cool if Dorian became a broadway hit and you could flatly state to the press that your music is too good for humans to play.


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