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Topic: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

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    The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

    Hi all

    THe Amp-lion was an animation advert made by the legendary Heath Robinson back in 1920 (!) to be shown in cinemas. It was discovered in a portland cinema some years ago and passed to my uni lecturer with a to "soundtrack" it. Last week he gave it to us as an exercise in syncronny etc, and below is my effort.

    This is actually my first proper use of JABB (even tho ive had it a year!) and so would like to thank Gary and Tom for producing a great sounding library that made my work a lot easier! (also used GPO)


    PLEASE NOTE, there is 10 seconds of "silence/black" at the start (due to them recording it off the screen at the cinema and not syncing record with the roll starting!) as thats how it was given to us to work on and I havent trimmed it! also, its not particularly loud in places as I didnt want to compress all my drum programming!

    THanks for taking the time to watch! Enjoy!


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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

    Fantastic, Ben!

    OH man--I hope everyone catches this. Incredible cartoon---THat guy was Trippin'!!

    What a super project to work on, Ben, and I think you did an A+++ job of it. Sounds superb, and your musical choices were spot on, execution of the whole thing is totally Faboo.

    Thanks for getting this up here! Wow.

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!


    Ben, I am very impressed!

    I underline what Randy said, you did a very good job!

    Hey, if you want to get the old sound of the 1920`s, just download this: http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/vinyl/

    It is very great and for free!


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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!


    Great work on the soundtrack. You have a good handle on the aspects of synchronizing the sound to the video. And you command of the JABB and GPO is excellent. Thanks for posting it to the forum.



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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!


    You may not know this, but most drugs were legal and readily available back in the 20's. I think this guy partook a few times before coming up with the cartoon.

    You should easily get an A for this project. Nice use of the libraries as well.

    Great job


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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

    That was pretty awesome! I don't know much about synching, but it seemed to flow nicely, and the transition from fanfare -> harpsichord -> Jazz-> and back again was very nice. The animation? Well...I probably wouldn't sit that long just to see a commercial, but it was pretty cool
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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

    It was the golden age of the movies and maybe ads also.

    It all worked well for me and sounds like excellent work.

    I also thought it would be interesting to give your music a vintage sound.


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    Thumbs up Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

    Wow! Excellent Ben, i agree what they said A+++++

    Thanks for posting this!

    You know that is how those old amps really were made.

    Is this video available for download somewhere for people who want to try their hand at this scoring a 20s film??


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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!

    Wonderful animation and your sound track made it all the better.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: The Amp-lion - 1920 animation soundtracked!


    An absolutely awesome, dual performance: writing and
    rendering with JABB and GPO. It was definitely a pleasure
    to watch the "Amp-Lion" with your creative effort.

    Please give us more film work. You definitely have a talent
    for this kind of musical work.

    BRAVO, Ben

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