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Topic: Sibelius 5

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    Sibelius 5

    Hey I got a question for some of y'all. Is Sibelius 5 worth the money? That's my simple question. I heard it had way more features and whatnot than Sibelius 4 which is what I have now. Is it worth shelling out all my money for?
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    Re: Sibelius 5


    In terms of notation/score prep, there are a number of improvements; however, if you are happy with the printed output in 4, there is no pressing reason to upgrade.

    The real difference is in the playback area - Sibelius now supports all kinds of sample libraries. It takes a little getting used to, but it's easy to combine a lot of different sound sources. I use GPO, JABB, soundfonts, and just added Independence/YellowTools (really new for me), and they all work fine together.
    There is also much more finesse in the playback of articulations, dynamics, etc. Still, it is not a sequencer. I have found it to be a great improvement over 4, which really only supported GPO, and everything else had to be routed via virtual stuff (don't really under stand that part of it!).

    One other addition: it will render to audio will all your instruments, reverb, etc. even if your machine is not up to handling it - so the same score that would hiccup and stall because there were too many sounds for the cpu, can now produce a recording with no problems. It slows down (or speeds up, if it can) the exporting to wav/aiff to it can handle the load. In other words, not in real time. Scores that don't overload the cpu actually finish in less time.

    If it is in your budget, I'd say do it. I did, and even had to upgrade to Tiger (on a Mac), and I'm very happy I did.
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    Re: Sibelius 5

    Hi Craig,

    That's a real tough question. Its kind of like asking "Is my Ford Camry worth the money?" I dunno, what do you want to do, get good mileage? speed? How much room do you need?

    If they were still on 5.0 I would have said no way, stay with 4. With 5.1, the integration of GPO (and other sample libraries) is defiinately easier. It doesn't nessecarily sound better(or even as good in some cases), its just easier. There are still problems. Different KS swithes are at VERY different volumes, etc. But at least Sibelius uses KS switches with out making me input ~N0,64. And now I can use my Garritan Ambience plugin WITH THE ROOM PRESETS!

    The notation changes are not as talked about, but are significant improvements. You can create title pages now, and there is special text for those. Instrument changes work much better, and the format defaults are easier to handle. You can delete breaks at the touch of a button which is VERY nice, and you can maniuplate page numbers much better as well. No doubt about the improvement there. If these are the type of things that don't matter to you, well stick with 4. But if they do (for example if you print and bind your scores alot) then you will love 5.

    Hope that helps

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    Re: Sibelius 5

    Also, Bar Numbers are much improved, you can switch to Panorama View so you score is one continuous scroll instead of laid out on pages, and there is the new Idea library where you can draw on and create your own snippets of files to call up and use quickly and easily. There are a bunch of other little tweaks, plus the aforementioned VST handling nad mixer improvements. I'm very happy I spent the money on the upgrade.
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    Re: Sibelius 5

    I also think it might support the new Aria-based Garritan products when they arrive (the first one being the Authorized Steinway.)_

    Keith Walls

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    Re: Sibelius 5

    Off Topic sorry,
    in Sibelius 5, what is the Mac shortcut to jump to a particular measure?


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    Re: Sibelius 5

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    Off Topic sorry,
    in Sibelius 5, what is the Mac shortcut to jump to a particular measure?



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    Re: Sibelius 5

    Hey, Matt - or anyone else out there who has experience with both Sibelius & with sequencer programs (I've only used Sibelius).

    I find that Sibelius playback with Sibelius 5.1 and the Garritan library is ALMOST good enough that I can kick back & just get my work done. But the string sounds make me crazy & especially the fact that there are no off-the-string (bounced bow, or "spicatto") sounds available through GPO.

    I'm in the midst of trying to get this answered over at the Sibelius chat-line.

    The judgement call: Do you think I can get Sibelius 5 to play enhanced string sounds from a (new) library without losing my mind trying? The project - as I understand it - is to introduce a new instruction that Sibelius would recognize (like "spiccato") that would then trigger the desired sound.

    Appreciate your guidance.

    Clark Suprynowicz

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    Re: Sibelius 5

    I think it all depends on if there is a soundset available (or if you can make one) and how well the soundset is made. Then it would be just a matter of writing in spiccato (or assigning a symbol to it) that agreed with what the soundset says (like adding +spicatto or something similar), but it depends on how the soundset was made.

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