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Topic: My Band is Playing!

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    My Band is Playing!

    The band that I am in is playing at the Orange County Carnivale New Years Eve. It is our first gig for this band. (and of course it is in front of 5,000 people ) Upon preparing I just want to ask you guys for you're best of wishes for this performance. If you live near Orange County, and wanted to go to this event, you can get tickets from me for $40 (Instead of $75) for the all access event.

    Thanks for all of your support!
    P.S.- It is the biggest gig I have ever played so I am a little nervous


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    Re: My Band is Playing!

    thats awesome man, i hope it goes well for you. i still owe you a big thanks for helping me with that logic file. anyway, what type of music is it and what do you play? either way, i'm sure it'll go great. good luck.

    p.s. what happened to the online radio?
    -Keith Fuller

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    Sounds like an awesome gig, Jeremy, starting off the new year playing music, very cool! Be very carefull driving home, drunk people on the road and stuff, but don't worry i'll pray you get there and back safely... and that everything will go smooth!


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    Re: My Band is Playing!

    Congratulations Jeremy!

    And good luck ,


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    Re: My Band is Playing!


    Best wishes for a stellar performance. I am sure the audience will enjoy your performance as you help usher in the New Years.

    Have a great show and let us know how it turns out.

    Happy New Year!


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    Re: My Band is Playing!

    Thanks Keith, David, Julie, & Gary I am very excited for this opportunity and hope that all goes well.
    I am actually triggering all of the visuals live onstage via midi, so we can have an advantage at battle of the bands. Hopefully we are prepared enough

    Quote Originally Posted by keithjfuller
    p.s. what happened to the online radio?
    I did not get enough submissions unfortunately, maybe another time

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