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Topic: Grandioso

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    Can I convert my giga version to Halion format on a mac?

    I\'m so tired of the pops and clicks of gigastudio. Your piano sounds fantastic but Tascam can\'t or won\'t fix the popping issue.

    AMD Athlon DDR 1.0 GHz
    AMD 760 chipset (200 MHz bus)
    1.5 meg DDR RAM
    XP Professional
    40 gig ATA-66 IDE sample hard drive
    20 gig ATA -100 IDE Application drive
    Delta 1010 using XP drivers

    have optimised XP per some of the very helpful texts that have been on this site and Tascam\'s site.

    I\'m tired of hearing it\'s me and my equipment. I have MORE in every area than Gigastudio says to have and i still have problems.

    I think we all need to face it, Gigastudio and Tascam don\'t know how to fix the popping issue or they would.

    Keep making great libraries guys but make them for some other sampler cause Tascam just can\'t figure it out!


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    Re: Grandioso

    I was getting pops when the sample rate was
    different on my GS and my g4 protools also maybe using different bit rates- i have nuendo 96/52 optocal outs on autosync and set
    giga and the protools files exactly nd put the sync on protools hardware setup on internal-not optical as you would think and i had latency but I lowered my buffer on pt and it went away- i have 0 latency and 0 pops and clicks- I run gs
    on a p4 xp with an egosys miditerminal 44140-
    lots of ram- hope any of this helps

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    Re: Grandioso


    It\'s not Gigastudio that is causing your problems. I have an Athlon 950 with similar specs to yours and a Delta 1010 and can run Giga and Sonar with many tracks and no clicks or pops.

    There have been many problems with clicks and pops with the Delta and Athlons. Make sure you have the latest Via 4 in one driver and try disabling USB. Also make sure you have the current driver from M-audio.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Grandioso

    My guess is your sample drive is too slow - ATA66. I was under the impression that the minimum was ATA 100, or SCSI.

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    Re: Grandioso

    giga.. You might try lowering your gigasampler max polyphony if all the normal system optimization stuff hasn\'t helped. If your system can\'t handle the high polyphony levels it will then fail more gracefully. When gigasampler pops its because the hard disk can\'t deliver the samples fast enough. I\'m not sure they can make it fail gracefully when this happens. The softest sounding notes(i.e. the whispering tail of a piano note) will be more gracefully swapped out( instead of getting a pop )if the max polyphony limit is hit before the hard drive access limit.


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    Re: Grandioso

    Thanks for all the help friends. I will try what you suggest and report back. It\'s just a drag to spend thousands on great sounding libraries and not be able to render a whole song without having these pops and clicks

    thanks again

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    Re: Grandioso

    You\'ve probably checked this already, but it never hurts to double check.. make sure that DMA is checked in your hard drives\' properties. When I recently built a new DAW (P4 1.8, ATA-100 drive, Delta 1010) I was getting a lot of pops and cracks in Gigastudio and after a little while realized that I forgot to check the DMA box. I did that and rebooted and I haven\'t heard one pop or crack since, all the way up to 160 poly..

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