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Topic: work in progress, orchestra...

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    work in progress, orchestra... (updated)

    still i don't have a title for this (suggestions are welcome! )


    it still needs some heavy part programming and refinement, but i begin to like the overall arrangement.
    i also want to play with a real flute the middle part, over the synth string.
    my wish is to "fill" the last full orchestral part with some runs where there are the held notes, but i don't have a lot of ideas... and, last thing, i have to set up a finale in which i recall the initial harp theme...

    what do you think about this piece and how would you improve it?

    thanks a lot!

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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Hi, bosone

    This is certainly a pretty piece you're working on. Songs in a folk style like this can translate to the orchestra setting so nicely.

    How would I improve it? - It's just not in me to offer advice of that sort about other people's compositons. What I or anyone else would do is beside the point. It sounds like you're in the middle of being inspired by your work so far, and I can only encourage you to keep following what you want to do with it.

    I'll comment on the idea of replacing the flute in the middle with a real one. --Why? --It would be a very time consuming effort to get a good recording of a performance you're happy with. The flute here is already sounding perfectly fine. I think your energy could be spent in better ways than concerning yourself about that.

    Thanks for the lovely music.

    Randy B.

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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Very pretty. I’m with Randy on two points – I can’t say what I’d do to improve this, particularly since the style is so different from my own. Also, I think the flute sounds fine as it is.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    thanks for listening! :-)
    the main point about the flute is that i'm a (very) amateur flute player, and it would be a nice occasion for me to record a performance with my flute and learn to play another piece! :P

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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Wow, nice work! This piece starts off catchy and then really takes off after a couple of minutes. My only critique is that the alto-range strings in the first 35 seconds or so of the piece are kind of muddy sounding... although they sound fine when they come back later in the piece, so maybe it's just me. But again, great job.

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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Quote Originally Posted by bosone
    the main point about the flute is that i'm a (very) amateur flute player, and it would be a nice occasion for me to record a performance with my flute and learn to play another piece! :P
    I understand – makes a lot of sense.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Really nice, strong melodic themes, Bosone. So pretty it hurts!

    The entire feel was strongly medieval sounding to me -- in fact, I even think the flute part would be very effective on recorder -- either on the melody itself or in harmony along with the flute.

    I know you're still tweaking the production of this, but it sounds like it's coming along fine. My only small suggestion compositionally would be to bring back a touch of the lilting, gentle section towards the end for just a bit for cohesiveness -- but that's just a personal preference thing; it certainly works as is.

    Thanks for sharing this music with us -- it's great stuff!


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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Sure, it needs a little technical tinkering, Bosone, as you
    say; but beautiful writing in this! A very moving, lovely,
    broadly landscaped pastorale that builds forward with, to
    me, a certain Irish or Celtic undertone to it. The rather
    heroic and declamatory breakout past ~2:00 is particularly
    lovely and impactful.

    Fine work on this!

    All my best,


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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    Man, this is an awesome song. Totally not what I was expecting for some reason. The melodies are of VERY excellent quality and the orchestration is terrific. Wonderful use of orchestrated dynamics and varied timbres all in their proper places. I hope you understand that the rather extensive critique below is nothing other than an outpouring of my appreciation for what has already been done with this song.

    Some suggestions:

    --Use LOTS of sustain on the strings and flute. There are passages that sound like they should be slurred, but have a distinct attack that ruins the flow. The strings in the first 30 seconds or so are a good example of this.

    --The two flutes playing the melody in unison provide a nice sound but sound a little too in-unison to be realistic. They need to be humanised / loosened up / whatever. (This same criticism has also been justly directed at one of my recent posts, so I might be a little sensitive to it right now. )

    --The crescendo starting at 2:22 is *excellent,* but the part immediately following sounds hollow, as there are registers left noticeably empty. Maybe the horns and trumpets could join in right away instead of waiting several bars as they do now?

    --You are a wonderful melodist. But I get the feeling that you are somewhat insecure about the ability of the melodic parts to stand out, as every instrument that has a melody has drastically higher volume and lower effects than the accompaniement. There is certainly a place for this, but to me it sounds like you've taken it to an unnecessary level. Have confidence in the ability of the melody to make itself heard and don't feel the need to give it too much artificial amplification.

    Looking forward to more progress!
    -Chris Plorán
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    The will to achieve is not sufficient. Some things should not be achieved. - Rimsky-Korsakov
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    Re: work in progress, orchestra...

    It is a pretty work. You get a real emotional connect with it.

    One trick when using group strings on a melody is to mix in a violin(s) or what is needed for more realism.


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