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Topic: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a pretty raw rookie at notation programs and so forth, and I am really in awe of the music presented here! While it's really neat to listen to the pieces you have created and see what can be done with GPO, it would help me a lot to actually view the scores and see which sounds you have chosen, how you have tweaked them to make them sound good, etc. Is there anywhere on the forums where I can download scores for Sibelius (my chosen notation program) so I can tinker and learn?

    As an aside, is there a course somewhere on MIDI messages and other forms of customization beyond the basic "play the note, choose the sound" kind of thing?

    Thanks everyone.


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    Re: Newbie question

    Welcome, Scott.

    I noticed that you use Sibelius 4.1. I too am a Sibelius 4.1 user and can inform you that it is quite a powerful piece of software. For starting with using Garritan software with Sibelius, I'd recommend going to the wiki (http://garritan.info) and checking out the Sibelius section.

    Unfortunately, there is no section on the forums here dedicated to sharing scores. Most composers you will find here do not share the scores, only the final audio file.

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    Re: Newbie question


    You can see thousands of Sibelius scores at


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    Re: Newbie question

    I am an old "newbie" that grew up writing scores by hand. I now use Finale on a Mac G5 and for all of my arrangements I use the Garritan "notation" instruments. I would be happy to share any scores I have with you. I have no working knowledge of the Sibelius program nor do I use sequencers, which has proved to be a rather formable task when trying to match the quality of production that is so prevalent in this forum.


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    Re: Newbie question


    Some posters do share their scores, and others might be willing to do so on a piece-by-piece basis. If you hear something you especially like, e-mail the poster/composer privately, and see if they would be willing to share. If it's a Sibelius user, so much the better (for you!).
    Ron Pearl





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