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Topic: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

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    Movie Trailer GPO Challenge

    I will preface this discussion with “It’s just in the ‘I wonder’ phase of an idea”. I know we have a wonderful Challenge vehicle in the Orchestration Challenge that comes around every couple of months of which I have been a happy and willing participant.

    What I am suggesting here for discussion is maybe having another challenge of a different nature. The participation and voting on the Orchestration Challenge only seems to attract 35 participants. Maybe another type of challenge would draw upon other members of this forum.

    Many here seem to be film composer enthusiast. I propose a Film Orchestration Challenge where the only inspiration would be to generate the credit music for an already existing film. Since I am a Science Fiction buff, I propose a Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie Credit Music Challenge. A Science Fiction/Fantasy film title would become the challenge. For instance, generate the title credit music for the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” starring Michael Renee. This would be a @3 minute work that would reflect the mood of the movie during which the credits would roll. No original music from the movie would be allowed. It would all have to be: 1) original
    2) GPO performed and 3) based on the movie.

    Now I am a ‘big boy’ and if the idea is crap, tell me. If the idea has some merit, let’s talk about it. I DO NOT WANT TO DETRACT FROM THE ORIGINAL ORCHESTRATION CHALLENGE. I wish to include others in a different type of challenge that may appeal to them.

    Let me hear from you.

    Have a great day and Happy Holidays to you all!

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Thumbs up Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    I think it is likely that this is a good idea, so likely that we should go ahead and start on our submissions.

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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    I like the idea! Question: Would it be for the opening or closing credits?

    I'd also be interested in seeing a video clip scoring challenge.

    -- Ken

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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    So when does the Garritan Theramin ship?

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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by RustyCrook

    I'd also be interested in seeing a video clip scoring challenge.

    -- Ken
    I agree with this. Actually, I was mentioning to Gary about doing this just before another forum did the same thing. However, I think to make it interesting, it should be a real clip of a real project for real commercial credit. Just an idea.


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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    I am enthusiastic about this - no I don't think the Garritan theremin will be ready - but I would like to see what others think. The suggestion for the movie was only that. Whern I said credits - either opening or closing - makes no difference. I knew moviemaestro would love it. It doesn't have to be science fiction/fantasy, any genre of movie would be applicable. I know it's Christmas Holiday, so lets let this idea grow...
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    That is a very cool idea, and one i would certainly be hoping to join in on (time allowing!), tho it would take a lot of work. with the orchestration tasks listeners could appreciate a persons orchestration skills even if it wasnt rendered perfectly, but I fear that with such a competition as this, people would very much look at rendering/realisation, as they will be either consciously or sub-consciously comparing it to the standard professional level sound of a movie soundtrack.

    Plus theres the fact that in most cases, the original will always be seen as the best, cos tthats what the viewer has come to know, and perhaps, love.

    I still think doing something around movie scoring is a great idea tho! Perhaps we could instead be set clips that have no soundtrack already associated? (dont know if thats really pos) or even more daring, give a cue description in detail that must be matched in the music.

    Eg: a chase, 2min 30secs total duration, car impact at 45sec, chase on foot for 1 min, jump off building at 1m46s, pause for suave comment, etc etc...

    I reckon that would be good. Its a step down from actually scoring to picture, but would still challenge the composer with some of the issues of timings styles etc.

    Anyway, just my thoughts..


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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    I like the original idea as stated as well. Something fun and new for 2008.

    A similar (but perhaps more restrictive) idea: take an old public domain black and white film and completely rescore it, scene by scene, in some sort of "challenge" fashion... I have no idea what the winner of a challenge would get... it could be something like the Orchestration Challenges in which the winner gets to write the theme for the next round, only in this case the theme would correspond to the next scene, thus entries would have to be scored to the scene (so there'd be a specific length limit) and use the given theme... the end result would be a completely new score for an entire film! (Or actually it would be a bunch of completely new scores. ) (Or maybe the winner could come up with a some sort of a guide for scoring the next scene, as if the winner is the director for that scene and has to explain what he wants to hear in the music. )

    Archive.org has a lot of old public domain films to choose from... a silent film would probably be best since it would be easy to replace the music. The first one that comes to my mind, since I have wanted to completely rescore it myself now and again, is the old Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. (Not in the context of a challenge, Archive.org is just a good resource to find some free and legal motion pictures to try writing scores to.)
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Movie Credit GPO Challenge

    Right on, Bill!

    I am So behind your idea--I agree with your reasoning for the extra Challenge event; so many people here aspiring to film score composition being a big reason.

    Two pieces of input I'd like to get in.

    You said that the pieces should be:

    "...GPO performed..."

    Why? Surely we can allow the whole family of Garritan Libraries? To limit it to one library seems too arbitrary. We should be able to add JABB brass and percussion, CMB instruments, The Strad for solo violin if it's in our piece--etc.

    I'd also think that to embellish compositions with sundry Sound Fonts and/or sound effects should be allowed, as they are in the currently established Challenge event.

    If using a sprinkling of other sound sources wasn't allow, and it explicitly is, by Gary's own guidelines, then my own winning entries in the Challenge series would have been disallowed.

    One more Strong suggestion - That we not use "The Day The Earth Stood Still" as a piece to score to.

    I'm a huge classic sci fi and horror fan myself, and as such, Bernard Herrmann's completely brilliant and innovative score for that film is far too indelible for me to consider re-scoring it. I wouldn't be able to see even just the credits without hearing him, and stepping back in appropriate humbleness, unable to come up with something different.

    My suggestion is that the film clip we compose to be a very obscure silent film, one that nobody is likely to have any preconceptions about, no extra baggage. A clean slate is needed, a blank page.

    The basic idea I love - I just know I couldn't work with "Day The Earth..." - and I would find it completely arbitrary and unfair to not allow other Garritan Libraries in our pieces, along with a small percentage of Other Sounds.

    Randy B.

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