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Topic: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

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    sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    I have a question.
    I'm practising to arrange for little bands with woodwinds and brass.
    Since the symphonic libraries are very pricy and maybe not supplied with groupsamples for clarinet, sax, tombones etc., I asked myself if there are any goodsounding libraries for concert- and brassband purpose.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    The "easiest" answer is :


    Else, you can buy some VSL VI packages (WW, Sax, Brass, special brass, special WW, percussions [...]) but ... $$$

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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    hey thanks.
    I'm going to listen to the garritan demo's when the rest of the family is asleep.
    I'm not familiar with terms like vsl and vi though.

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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    VSL = Vienna Symphonic Library, probably the best (and priciest) sample library out there right now.
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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    The best. Ok, but do all the sounds sound classical or are they also suitable for a marching band arrangment ?
    Is there a possibility to hear demo's from vienna ?

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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    Your best bet for now really is Garritan's library. It's not that expensive and will give you all of the tools you need.

    Getting into samples is a new world to discover. You could end up spending thousands of dollars in search of the perfect samples, and yet every year something new and better will come along. Start small, then after you've become familiar with this medium, you'll be able to make more educated decisions based on your personal needs.


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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    I listened to the garritan marching band demo's.
    I think the woodwinds sound good. But the brass seems to be very soft/smooth. And in full setting, I can't put a certain synthesizer/keyboard feeling aside.

    I'm listening with an akg headphone, so maybe with speakers it will be another story.

    Will I not encounter this feeling with the vienna samples ?

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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    The Garritan COMB library is pretty easy to use as you just load in instruments and play. You use different controllers such as velocity for attacks and modulation for volume and timbre. Also, COMB comes with quite a few instruments not available even in the expensive libraries. As mentioned before, it's a good library to start with.

    With VSL and many of the other libraries, you may need to purchase a few libraries to get the sounds you want. Then it has a pretty steep learning curve to figure out which articulations you need. You usually need to spend quite a bit of time learning the articulations to get decent sounding phrases built.

    There are other approaches such as Wallander Instruments which doesn't use samples but models the sounds.


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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    For brass check out the Project SAM website. Great sounding brass at a really affordable price. For me it is one of the few libraries that has the bite I like for brass samples to have. The only issue is, since it sounds like you are new to samples, you would need a program to load the samples in, such as gigastudio or Kontakt, which does take a little time to get the feel of. But this is one of the best forums to run searches and find out about what's out there. Good luck!

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    Re: sample library for concert- or brassband ?

    Thank you. I will explore the forum

    One more question: when playing as score, say like a finale score, can you use different libraries at the same time to play ONE file ?

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