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Topic: Question about order of sequencing

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    Question Question about order of sequencing

    Folks, after having listened to this year's Garritan community Christmas album, I thought I might write you all to see if I could learn a little about your work flow. I use Sonar 7 PE and Finale 2008, and when I get an idea (or little motive) I fire off Sonar, then record a MIDI clip, save it, and hope to expand on it later.
    How do you organize your work flow? Do you compose in Finale (or other notation program) or do you compose and add parts and MIDI clips in a MIDI sequencer, then take that MIDI file into Finale to get it into shape? Or do you start with a staff system in Finale, adding more systems as you add instruments?

    Thanks so much in advance for helping an old newbie!

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    Re: Question about order of sequencing

    Hello rfdillon,

    My preferred workflow is to prepare my scores in Finale 2008 then save this as a MIDI file to open in Sonar for final touches and recording.
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    Re: Question about order of sequencing

    For me, it depends on what the final project outcome is going to be. If I need to make an audio recording primarily, and sheet music i ssecondary, I start in Sonar because it's designed to create outstanding audio performances. If my goal is to create sheet music, say for my publishing company, then I'll work in Sibelius first. If I want an audio demo, then I'll print out the Sibelius parts and then play them into Sonar. For me, that's much quicker than importing a MIDI file from Sibelius and then editing it.
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    Re: Question about order of sequencing

    If im not pushed for time: Brainstorm with piano/samples pen and paper, notate fully in Sibelius, record each instrument into logic (not importing midi files) then cc touchup, mix bounce, be unhappy, remix, be unhappier, re mix, give up, sleep.

    If pushed for time, I go from paper to logic in one disorientating step.

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    Re: Question about order of sequencing

    Hi Everyone,

    I start by scribbling ideas down on scraps of paper because I generally find myself away from the computer when the ideas first surface. I then use Finale 2008 to experiment and develop the work. I've wanted to "produce" the finished audio product using Sonar, but I'm just not far enough up on the learning curve in Sonar to make that transition from Finale to Sonar worth the effort.

    But then . . . that's what New Year's Resolutions are for!

    Better yet, a corporate merger between Cakewalk/Twleve Tone Systems (Sonar folks) and MakeMusic (Finale folks), resulting in one awesome integrated Notation/DAW product would also work for me.


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