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Topic: sonic implants strings giga to kontakt

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    sonic implants strings giga to kontakt

    Hi I converted my sonic implants strings giga library to kontakt and I was wondering if legato, up/down bow, xfade and other various programming would be left intact or if I would have to download the SIPS script and other scripts. I have no intention to crossgrade (costs alot of money for very little) if I can convert. I would also like to know about attack and release and if they work with cc16 and cc17

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    Re: sonic implants strings giga to kontakt

    well, sorry for pointing out the obvious, but if you already converted it...how come you are asking??? Shouldnt you know already?

    Hm, i tried to konvert the sonivox brass lib once , and it made k2 crash every single time....

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