Ok my system: Gigabyte GA-M57SLI board, AMD AM2 Athlon Dual Core Processor, Win XP Pro, 4Gb memory, Yamaha SW 1000XG sound card, Sibelius 5.1
I'm an old hand with Sibelius though version 5 is taking a while to get to grips with, in fact I didn't bother using it until they sorted out the midi stuff in 5.1.
Now I can get my Yamaha XG card sounds to play: all well and good.
So I went and bought Garritan Marching Band library after reading all the good stuff about it. It appealed to me as I mainly write for British Brass Bands. So why do most of the Trumpets & Cornets sound so poor. Woodwind, Percussion etc. sound great. My trumpets sound so poorly that I still use the XG sounds. I must be doing something wrong as I can't believe they sound like they were sampled from a broken down old reed organ. I've heard sound files made with Garritan Brass that sound fine so why can't I get mine to sound just as good. Have I not done something I should have when I installed it all?