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Topic: Colossus DFD Disabled

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    Colossus DFD Disabled


    So, I've reformatted my HD, reinstalled Colossus, and DFD is disabled. What the crap? I was wondering why it was taking forever to load the patches and why I was getting errors...because DFD is disabled. The DFD is button is greyed out. How do I turn it on??


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    Re: Colossus DFD Disabled

    Is there an update patch that you need to download? All other titles needed the download before you could use DFD.

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    Re: Colossus DFD Disabled

    I dunno, it's weird...I never had to download an update before to use DFD. Even so, I downloaded an update and it still doesn't work! :x

    Nevermind...it seems to work now...O.o :/

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