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Topic: This seems pretty good, but.....

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    This seems pretty good, but.....

    I have looked at the Xsample web site http://www.xsample.de/ and have listened to the demos. They sound pretty great, esp the woodwinds. I am just wondering why this lib isn't as popular as it might be. They are also fairly reasonably priced.

    Anyone like this lib or have any insight as to why this is not considered a bit more main stream. Or am I missing something.


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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    Well I've only got good things to say. I have the old Akai verson of the harp/harpsichord library, and it's still my favourite harp. Stunning sound.

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    The clarinet is good, and so is the solo horn, but the trumpet and trombone are laughably terrible.

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    I think the brass in general are the weak links but the oboe has the most beautiful tone I've heard. Oboe d'amour and the ww in general sounds great too.

    The library may lake in articulations but make up in quality imo.

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    please don't forget which Xsample library you mean.
    I think all the comments are to our first library (2000-2003).
    And you can't really compare these to our new Kontakt library, it is not fair.
    Our new library has much more articulations.
    It is not a simple format conversion. We worked nearly two years on the new instruments.
    Perharps here are some guys, who can tell something about our new
    library, which is available since november this year (2007). So it's a really young product.
    The instruments are very flexible: You have realtime nki's for playing live and you have instrument files for notation programms like Finale 2007 / 2008. An adaptation is included for free! There are music demos which shows both:
    Live playing and playback through Human Playback, without any tweaking.
    By the way, new brass instruments, some additional percussion are planned for 2008.

    Best wishes for the new year,
    Hans Josef Winkler

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    Thanks guys -

    YES Hans! I was referring to the newer updated versions. The woodwind demos are stunning! I guess I was asking does anyone have the newer versions that they might comment on?

    Happy Holidays y'all-

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    Hans, I'm interested in your keyed instruments (clavichord, toy piano and spinet).

    I work with Finale 2008, Kontakt 2 Player (not the full version, just the player), and Logic 8.

    Can your libraries be loaded into K2 Player and used in Logic Pro?

    Thank you!
    Mac Pro Quad Core, 23" Apple Cinema, Logic Pro 8.x + VSL PRO Edition, some of the VI's, GPO, Ivory, Edirol UA-25 audio card, Event TR6 monitors, 1 girlfriend (Ines).

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    I was talking about the old version. I'm sure it's been improved a lot.

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    Hello Coqui,
    sorry, but you can load with your Kontakt Player only the library which you purchased. Nothing more. Kontakt Player should be named in another way in my opinion, it can be really misunderstanding.
    The Xsample Kontakt Library is in open Kontakt format. To load this library you need Kontakt 2.1.1 or higher. The library is tested also with Kontakt3. There is no registration needed. So, if you purchase the library modul ( http://www.soundsondemand.com/sort1.asp/xsample/en ) you can load the instruments and play immedialety.

    Hans Josef

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    Re: This seems pretty good, but.....

    Hans-Josef.... could you clarify one thing? If I were to purchase some of the xsample library will it be sent to me on a disc?.... or must I download it. I would not be interested in paying and downloading.... I need the discs.


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