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Topic: sampletekk black grand velocity problems

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    sampletekk black grand velocity problems

    hey all, I'm new to forum, so hi to everyone..

    Anyone use sampletekk black grand? I have close and medium ambient mic positions, and have found some problems with the "close" samples. I'm using it with kontakt 2.

    I'm using variation no.2 with the samples laid out in a linear response, and I'm just going through the different velocity layers by manually changing the velocity value. I've found that:
    1. there is a jump in volume (4-5db) at going from velocity 79 to 80
    2. the samples above 112 sound compressed and absurd (so I removed them)
    3. f#5 and g5 seem to be several dynamics level stronger than surrounding keys
    4. f5 is considerably weak

    Not sure if there's already a version that's got these problem fixed.. I already fixed 1 and 2, but for 3,4 and other problems involving individual keys, I really don't want to go through the trouble.. I want to practice, and not become a virtual piano technician. Anyone else notice these problems?

    The black grand is such an awesome sampleset, I can swear if someone tweaked it enough, it'll be the ultimate cheap piano library that can easily blow away most of the more expensive ones. I think it definitely kills the NI akoustic steinwey. The black grand's hard to beat at $50 per mic position.. ($25 now because of the group buy thing)

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    Re: sampletekk black grand velocity problems

    Ladies and Gentlemen.............Kensuguro ! Please Stay Seated.

    Small world Brotha' Man Ken.

    You'd be better off posting in the softsampler thread. This is a good forum too, but the tweakers are allover the NI K place.

    It's nice to see an astute DSP programmer posting here.

    You see, Mr. Suguro made an incredible Rhodes emulation w/ DSP chips for Scope / Sonnicore, hence his predilection for perfect instruments.

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    Re: sampletekk black grand velocity problems

    hehe, saw you all over this forum after I posted. Small world it is.

    I need to stop worrying about the sample sounds and just get on with practice!

    (please post replies to the new thread in the softsampler forum)

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    Re: sampletekk black grand velocity problems

    I made (among many other things) a velocity script tweakable for each key to correct this uneveness.
    Download this, load the included Black Grand patch, read the "readme" file, and see/keep what interests you.

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