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Topic: Is GPO all-included?

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    Is GPO all-included?


    I've just purchased GPO, Stradivari Violin and Gofriller Cello. However, before opening the last two, I realised that GPO has Solo Stradivari Violin and Gofriller Cello listed as intruments included in the pack. Have I just gone and paid 400 bucks more than I needed to?

    If so, I'm going to need to plead with Sweetwater to exchange them...


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    Re: Is GPO all-included?

    no no no !!!!

    The solo violins and cello included in GPO are not the same as the Strad and Gofriller.

    I WAS going to make a joke about GPO being all-wise and all-knowing... but somehow it got lost there in my response.

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    Re: Is GPO all-included?

    Hi, hoebey

    As Michel said, they are completely different samples.

    GPO is great, but you're getting an entire orchestra in one program. That means that the sum total of samples used had to be kept reasonably small for each instrument - And of course, the less samples, the less detail and flexibility.

    GPO can be the source for great recordings which are of ensembles and orchestras, but for solo string work, The Strad and the Gofriller libraries are what you need to work with because they are incredibly detailed, and cleverly programmed so you can get life-like performances out of them.

    Just think - those are solo instruments which are the size of GPO which is an entire orchestra! Goes to show you how much more detailed those solos are.

    You're very fortunate that you were able to get three libraries all at once! Nice!---Happy Holidays, and have fun!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Is GPO all-included?

    Thank you for clearing things up, I can now relax and enjoy Christmas messing about with them all.

    Happy Christmas to both of you

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