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Topic: Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

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    Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

    i just thought i'd let people know that oscar peterson passed away today. he was 82. i think he'll be remembered as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time, and he will be missed greatly.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

    he was a professor/guest clinician at York University when I studied there. Awesome talent. I'm very sad.

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    Re: Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

    I just read it. Sad news indeed.
    He was a great musician and truly a great source of inspiration here.

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    Re: Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

    Excerpt from the Associated Press release:

    TORONTO (AP) -- Oscar Peterson, whose early talent and speedy fingers made him one of the world's best known jazz pianists, died at age 82.

    Born on Aug. 15, 1925, in a poor neighborhood southwest of Montreal, Peterson obtained a passion for music from his father. Daniel Peterson, a railway porter and self-taught musician, bestowed his love of music to his five children, offering them a means to escape from poverty.

    He quickly made a name for himself as a jazz virtuoso, often compared to piano great Art Tatum, his childhood idol, for his speed and technical skill.

    He was also influenced by Nat King Cole, whose Nat King Cole Trio album he considered ''a complete musical thesaurus for any aspiring Jazz pianist.''

    In 2005 he became the first living person other than a reigning monarch to obtain a commemorative stamp in Canada, where he is jazz royalty, with streets, squares, concert halls and schools named after him.

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    Re: Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

    Sad. One of the greats, no doubt. I knew something happened when they were playing a lot of his music on wbgo 88.3 today. Iguess it's nice though that they pay tribute to great artists like him by playing their music at unfortunate times like these, as well as birthdays, anniversaries of birth, etc.

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    Re: Sad News - Oscar Peterson Passed Away

    Sad, and yet he lived a full and rich life; a life that greatly enriched (and still enriches) those who heard/hear his music.
    Trent P. McDonald

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