I own Ivory too and was interested in some feedback.
I love the Steinway in this sample library. One of the things I really like
is the close full intimate sound. I realize that the other pianos are different
(Yamaha, Bose, Italian Grand). But, has anyone been able to get this type of sound from any of the other pianos in this library? Is it the close miking
that is missing from the other libraries. The other pianos (to my ears) just don't have the same presence that the Steinway has. They all sound a bit more
distant and not as full sounding. I'm interested in what other Ivory owners think. Are you hearing the same thing? for example, I know that the Yamaha
C7 is a much brighter piano, but i was hoping to hear the same presence/clarity as the Steinway. I can't seem to get that from any of the other pianos.