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Topic: VI Solo Strings + W2K query

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    VI Solo Strings + W2K query

    Does anyone use Vienna Instruments Solo Strings on a W2k platform?

    (I am interested in the the 24 bit library, not the Horizon solo strings)

    I basically want to know if it works on W2k.



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    Re: VI Solo Strings + W2K query

    Hello Marko,

    I think the best place to pose this questions would be the VSL's own forum:

    -> http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/

    There you get replies from our developers themselves. :-)

    But FWIW: I used a previous version of the Vienna Instrument on an (extremly underpowered, old) notebook with W2K, and in principle it worked. Due to the lack of processing power I was only able to use very basic functions, so maybe I missed some less obvious, OS-dependant peculiarities.


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    Re: VI Solo Strings + W2K query

    Thanks Dietz.

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