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Topic: GPO not appearing at all

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    GPO not appearing at all

    Just installed GPO on a Macbook Pro running Logic and it doesn't appear in the Kontakt Player nor as an AU. Did the easy install option so it should have installed AU, VST and even RTAS, but not sure what to do form here.

    I've read the sticky at the top of this section of the forum, but I can't even see GPO in Kontakt Player...

    Any ideas?


    * edit * Thought I'd add that I can see both the Garritan Strad violin and Cello that I installed afterwards as well (within Logic and when running Kontakt Player as a standalone).

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    Re: GPO not appearing at all

    Hi hoebey,

    I am not familiar with GPO on mac systems, and I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help you out further, but in the meanwhile:

    1. Check to see that it installed correctly. Look through your filesystem for the Garritan folders and GPO library files. There should be three library files, each one approximately 750-800MB in size. If you can't find them it may not have even installed or done so improperly.

    2. Uninstall if you can find the uninstaller.

    2. Reinstall, but do it the hard way and make sure to select AU as an option.

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