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Topic: Compatibility of samplers / players?

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    Question Compatibility of samplers / players?

    So I'm planning how to build my LAN. I have three machines. It's a given that I will be spreading the Vienna Instruments across all three, because I write most often for orchestra. Then I'll be installing Kontakt on two of them, and a whole bunch of Kontakt Player instruments, which I hope have no issue playing at the same time as the Vienna Instruments (if anyone knows different, please let me know).

    The bit that is giving me the most trouble is whether to install Gigastudio. It would be on one of my slave machines, running within Gigawrapper, and with FX-Teleport sending the MIDI information to it. I haven't used Gigawrapper in a long time (I've been using Gigateleport, but this won't sit on the same machine as FX-Teleport, so I've got to drop it), but my memory of it is that I never managed to get it running without extremely frequent crashes. I tried installing it last night (albeit in demo mode) on my laptop, and couldn't get as far as loading an instrument without seeing a BSOD. Giga showed about 106% CPU useage just to sit there, and 3700% when I started loading an instrument. I'm thinking if I can't get this to work just by itself, then it's going to give me tonnes more angst when I try it on a machine with other samplers and players.

    I only have a few Giga-specific libraries, but a couple of them are quite heavily Giga-specific, and probably wouldn't convert well into anything else(VOTA, which has the word-building utility, and the 7Cs piano, which I think uses some fairly specific programming). I definitely can't afford to give Giga it's own dedicated machine.

    So I guess I'm asking whether anyone has completely hassle free experience of running GS inside GVA, on the same machine as Vienna Instruments (preferably at the same time, but even just having them successfully installed on the same machine, and working with a lot of bouncing down, would be a reasonable compromise)? Or should I just convert the simpler Giga libraries and ditch the others?

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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    Hello Pingu,
    Is one of your old Giga-libraries the first Xsample library? I know, it is not so easy to convert our Giga Library.
    For your "resource planning":
    Here a example of the RAM amount for an chamber orchestra with Xsample instruments:


    steinway B piano

    solo strings quintet

    You need with the stereo instruments which included all articulations appr. 1,2 GB ram. If you work with our mono instruments you need 0,6 GB.
    I have no problems to play this on one single machine (P4 w 3.0 Ghz).
    I'm happy to tell you, that you and all users of the first Xsample library can get our new Kontakt library as crossgrade. Perharps this is from interest for your new plans.
    Hans Josef

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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    Pingu - Giga 4 (shipping in January) is a full blown VSTi host as well, so if you are upgrading to that should be able to load the Vienna Instruments VSTi or Kontakts or Kontakt Players within Giga itself. Because Giga would be managing the RAM usage/CPU, you should be able to run your Vienna Instruments or Kontakt or whatever within Giga as a VST instrument.

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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    Another option would be moving from full blown Giga to GVI which is a VST instrument already and thus should work with FX teleport without needing the VST-adapter. The upgrade to GVI is pretty cheap if you already have Giga 3 Orchestra.

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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    I have read a ton of complaints about any software that begings with "giga" My own personal experience with the software was BSOD chronically. Once it was removed I had no problems. IMHO, the least amount of software on a computer the better it will function. Try and translate the giga libs to Komtak. If you can't get Giga going on a laptop by itself, imagine the havoc it will reek with a full blown DAW. It ain't worth it..


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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    Another vote for trouble. My experience with Giga was also endless BSOD, with a resulting loss of $$$ I could not afford. Yes, many got it to work, but I personally would not touch it unless a large number of users were reporting that it worked close to flawlessly. Definitely not a program I would want to end up being part of a release beta group.


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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    Giga can give BSODs with some hardware/software becuase it is a kernel mode app so it ties in with the hardware so tightly to give enhanced performance. Often I find it's coexisting with other apps on the same box that gives it the tendancy to BSOD, whereas if it's running on a box by itself its generally much more stable. Running VSTi's inside Giga 4 should not really diminish the stability because Giga is then controlling the VST instrument's CPU and memory usage rather than Giga having to fight with another app for CPU/RAM (which is usually where problems begin).

    As GVI is entirely user-mode, it is just as stable as any other Windows app / user mode sampler like Kontakt. You won't have stability issues / coexistance issues with GVI at all.

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    Re: Compatibility of samplers / players?

    Thanks everyone. I actually don't hate Giga all that much - I used to have it running very stably on a box of its own, with Cubase on the other. But as several of you have pointed out, it's more the issue of coexistence that's a concern. Since I definitely can't give Giga its own machine, and I don't want to take the risk of installing it next to other stuff, I think I'm going to convert the libraries that I can to Kontakt, and ditch the ones that I can't. If I really miss anything I'll get GVI.

    So far things are going well. I spent last night importing VOTA into Kontakt and resaving each program. Some of the programming got lost, but the samples themselves imported just fine.

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