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Topic: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

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    New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    I have the Garritan JABB and I think it's great from just fooling around with it a bit. I have Logic 8, and an m-audio keystation pro 88.

    The manual (and countless people on countless websites) talks about how you assign ccs to any fader or know on ones controller.. great! But no one (including the JABB manual) tells you HOW to do that...

    For example... my controller does not have aftertouch, so i need to program some knob or fader to have VIBRATO.

    Can someone tell me how to do that, from step 1, the beginning, as if I were a retarded person and had never done any of this before???

    Thank you

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    Re: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    JustABroadwayBaby -

    Hi. . . First I want to welcome you to this forum. I hope that you'll find this to be a relatively friendly, supportive and informative place to visit during your internet travels.

    Second. . . I remember your userID name from the Apple support forum. I can appreciate your frustration. You have three very good tools at your hands (JABB, the keyboard and Logic Pro 8) and seem to be having some trouble getting them all to communicate with each other.

    I am at work. Yep. I do have some down time on my hands so I hope that I can help you. Unforuntately, I am not at home to refer to my manuals. So, please forgive me as I scratch my aging brain cells in an attempt to recall "how to do things".

    The JABB manual, unfortunately, will not tell you how to set up and re-configure M-Audio's Keystation Pro 88. Only the keyboard's manual will help you there. To be honest, the Keystation Pro 88 manual ain't the greatest! But each of the keyboard's fader and turn knobs can be re-configured to send whatever CC# that you want. Each can also be configured to send the information on any or all of the 16 different midi channels.

    I have the aftertouch channel information configured to be sent on the first fader of the keyboard. Again, the JABB manual will tell you WHICH CC# to use. (Maybe there's another member here with access to his/her manual to help you out with this.)

    Edited to add: I think you want to use CC# 131. Try CC# 131

    Now to change/re-configure the midi controller to what you want. . . .

    I JUST visited M-Audio's web site and found these two PDF files noted below. Pleace click on the links that I provided. They are the links to the Keystation Pro 88's two reference manuals. Both will provide you with the correct explaination to how you can change each of the controller's midi function. Also, here's a copy of the instructions on how to assign CC#'s to a controller (from the Quick Reference Manual):

    Selecting a controller for editing
    To select one of the Keystation Pro 88 faders or rotary dials for editing, simply move the controller you wish to select. Initially, the LCD
    display will show the positional value for that controller. Once you have stopped moving the controller and approximately three
    seconds have passed, the LCD screen will show two numerical values. The small two-digit number in the lower left corner of the LCD
    represents the number of the controller you have selected. The large three-digit display will show the controller number that specific
    controller is assigned to.

    Assigning MIDI CCs to a controller:
    1. Press “Control Assign.” The LCD will flash the CC symbol.
    The 3-digit display will indicate the currently assigned MIDI CC number.

    2. Enter a new MIDI CC value using the numeric keypad or “+” and “-” buttons. (Enter CC# 131 for the aftertouch control.)

    The MIDI controller number you select will be assigned to the currently selected controller, shown by the number on the small twodigit

    Please see the “Programming and Editing” section in the Advanced Guide for further information.
    Here's the link to the Keystation Pro 88 quick reference manual: QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE to the Keystation Pro 88

    Here's the link to the "Advanced" manual that, I think, might provide further explaination: ADVANCE REFERENCE GUIDE to the Keystation Pro 88

    I hope that this is all helpful and good luck!

    Again. . . Welcome!! Looking forward to hearing some of your music here!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Thumbs up Re: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    Welcome JustABroadwayBaby!


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    Re: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    Thanks, Ted. That was very helpful.

    At least with volume and vibrato I can do some decent mockups.

    I have discovered, however, in brass and wind patches, my sustain pedal won't sustain the notes (it DOES work on the Steinway Jazz Piano, and of course my "normal" logic sounds)

    Is there a reason for this? Do I have to "assign" my sustain pedal to sustain? I actually tried to and it didn't work... and it screwed up the sustain in logic, so I put the cc back to where it was.

    Any advice?


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    Re: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    Hi David -

    First, I would highly recommend not changing the CC# to the sustain pedal on the keyboard itself! Actually, the "sustain pedal" has a different function rather than hold notes for JABB and GPO instruments like wood-winds and brass. Rather, the function of the "sustain pedal" is to create a more legato sound from note to note. In a nut-shell, what happens when depressing the sustain pedal while playing a clarinet sound (for example) is the attack portion of the sample is omitted which allows for the more legato sound. This is a key function to having more control over the JABB and GPO sounds and to help create those sounds to be more "realistic". The CC# function of the sustain pedal can actually be changed within the Kontakt 2 Player (the sample player "engine" the comes with JABB and GPO) and the full version Kontakt 2 program.

    At this point, I would recommend that you refer to the manual that came with the JABB program that you purchased. Normally, I would allow the manuals to gather dust and try to learn by "hit and miss" the new software programs that I may purchase. But not the JABB or GPO. In fact, rather than put them in the closet, I have them by my side at all times while I sequence music. I'm constantly referring to them so that I am aware to which CC# effects what sound to any given instrument. The brass instruments, alone, have at least a half-dozen different CC#'s to help create that natural sounding instrument. I don't remember what those CC#'s are, so I keep that JABB manual open at all times! I know that it's painful to open up those manuals. But it truly is the best way to quickly learn how to control all of the different and wonderful instruments found in the JABB library.

    Good luck to you, David. Read that manual. . . create a whole bunch of music and share them to us when your ready!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    "sustain pedal" effect in brass & winds in JABB

    Read it cover to cover (and will do so many times!)

    OK, so if I DO want the sustain pedal to act like a "normal" sustain pedal, what do I do?


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    Re: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    I keep my GPO manual on my desk as a constant reference point.

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    Re: New to Garritan. PLEASE HELP me assign CCs to my controller

    Hello, David - "Broadway"

    "...OK, so if I DO want the sustain pedal to act like a "normal" sustain pedal, what do I do?.."

    The Garritan instruments have been programmed so that each loads automatically with the kind of sustain it responds to.

    You can check on it, or change the settings if for some reason you want to, by clicking on the gears in the upper left corner of an open instrument's GUI. Click the tab to get to MIDI information and you'll see a button to click for assigning cc64 either to regular sustain or controller sustain.

    They should already be set up properly, so that pianos respond to normal sustain, woodwind solos respond to MIDI controller sustain - and so forth.

    Then it's just a matter of using your pedal, which sends out cc64, and you'll have Legato on one instrument you've loaded in KP2, and you'll have controller cc64 on another instrument which uses the special Legato action.

    Randy B.

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