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Topic: Please Help A Newbie Program Ccs Into His Controller

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    Please Help A Newbie Program Ccs Into His Controller

    I posted this on the general....but I thought I'd post here because I'm using JABB.

    I have Logic 8 on my mac, with a m-audio keystation pro88.

    I read the manual about all the wonderful cc's that one can program into one's controller.... nowhere does it tell you HOW to do this....

    specifically...i want to have vibrato but my controller (much to my horror) has no aftertouch. so i know i need to assign one of my knobs or faders on my controller to control vibrato.

    can someone tell me, from step 1 (as if i were a retarded person) how to do this? is this done within kontakt/JABB? or is this a Logic thing?

    please help

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    Re: Please Help A Newbie Program Ccs Into His Controller


    I don't have a mac or logic or JABB but try to help.

    First, you don't change Kontakt/JABB for now. Everything you need to do happens before.

    Then you look up the cc you need in the JABB manual. Let us say you need cc23 for vibrato. Be sure that you choose an instrument that allows cc-programmable vibrato to start with.

    Then for a first test you open a midi track in logic an draw in a value for cc23 just to check whether it works and give the desired effect (vibrato or what else). You draw that in per mouse, then playback.

    Then you need to look up your keyboard documentation and assign one of the faders on your keyboard to cc23. If you arm your midi track you can record your fader movements.

    Look around the help pages on www.garritan.com whether you can find a tutorial for the combination of JABB and Logic.

    When you have done the first steps you may look up for a Kontakt script that also deals with legato and vibrato, somebody posted it around here. I suggest you do this later, after working through the manuals and get everything running in the first place.
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