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Topic: Guidance for Newbie please

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    Guidance for Newbie please

    I'm not new to music but I am with setting up these systems. I'm thinking of using Cubase Studio 4. Anyone have experience with this? Is it a good way to start? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Guidance for Newbie please

    Hi John,

    Cubase Studio is a good program. While you're mulling around to choose a DAW (digital audio workstation), try out some other programs as well. There are demos available for most, and some are even free. Pick one that is intuitive to you:

    Ableton Live 7
    Ableton Live LE 6
    Adobe Audition 3
    Apple Logic (mac)
    Cakewalk Home Studio 6 (pc)
    Cakewalk Project 5 v2 (pc)
    Cakewalk Sonar 7 (pc)
    Magix Samplitude
    MOTU Digital Performer (mac)
    ProTools 7.4 (requires digidesign or m-audio hardware)
    Sony Acid
    Sony Vegas (more for video)
    Steinberg Cubase 4
    Steinberg Cubase Studio 4
    Steinberg Nuendo

    Of course if you've tried out Cubase Studio, and you're comfortable with it, you won't go wrong buying it .

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    Re: Guidance for Newbie please

    Thanks you Reegs for that very full list. Well, ears back and into it! I'll come up for air later.

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