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Topic: Logic Pro 8 and Bösendorfer 290

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    Logic Pro 8 and Bösendorfer 290

    well i'm becoming crazy... i can't open Bösendorfer 290 with Logic Pro,
    i've got the Kompakt Bosendorfer 290 application which opens the BS290 Library and if i touch the notes they sound nice, etc but when i try to conect my midi keyboard or open Logic Pro 8 (simply logic don't detect bosendorfer 290 as a music plugin, and bosendorfer 290 don't get my midi keyboard...)
    what can i do to use bosendorfer sounds in Logic Pro 8?

    thank you!

    Oh of course i Use a Mac OS X G5, i bought the new Core2Duo Mac os x i have to arrive next week.

    thanks again.


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    Re: Logic Pro 8 and Bösendorfer 290

    Do you have the latest update?
    Are you sure it is compatible?

    If so, try running the Audio Units Manager and see if it says it is authorized.

    If it is it is probably nested in a Native Instruments sub-folder as it uses the Kompakt Player.
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    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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