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Topic: RMX alias not recognized?

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    RMX alias not recognized?

    This is probably a stupid little "Apple" thing that I'm doing wrong...

    I'm very low on space on my system drive, so I wanted to install the 3 new expanders to a different drive, but RMX doesn't see them. When I copy the db files back to the SAGE folder on the system drive, it sees them fine.

    This is what I did:

    1. Installed on the system drive per the default installer option
    2. Copied the db to where I wanted it (2nd Audio drive for samples)
    3. Created an alias in that folder
    4. Copied that alias file to the original SAGE folder on the system drive (that has two other expander db's).
    5. Renamed the db alias to remove the word "alias" and the space
    6. Reloaded RMX as an plugin (also exited Logic and came back in - no difference)

    RMX sees the real db files, but not the alias db files.

    What did I do wrong?

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    Re: RMX alias not recognized?

    You can find the instructions for this under "Moving the SAGE folder to an external drive" in the "Getting Started" section of your Stylus documentation, or the "Troubleshooting / FAQs" section at http://support.spectrasonics.net

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX alias not recognized?

    Thanks. That did it. I guess you can't just move the db file, you have to move the whole folder - but that's OK.

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