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Topic: No GPO VST

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    Unhappy No GPO VST

    I am trying to use Garritan 3.0, but after the second time I loaded it on my computer, there is still no VST for the Garritan sounds themselves to drag into the Finale VST folder. Only the Kontakt 2 player. Do I not need this file, or am I without it? From previous threads I've read it seems you need it. Help please!

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    Re: No GPO VST

    The Kontakt 2 Player is what you are looking for. You will see the GPO sounds in it when you open it up. One player can actually load multiple Garritan libraries.


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    Re: No GPO VST

    I dragged that into Finale's VST folder and it won't work. Will it not do it with 06'?

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    Re: No GPO VST

    Hi, If I understand you correctly you have Finale 2006 and Garritan Personal Orchestra on your computer. In my GPO folder, there is another folder named VST, that has a file called "PersonalOrchestraVST.dll", which needs to be copied into Finale's VST folder.
    You should check that both GPO and Finale have the latest updates as well.
    I have Finale 2008 and an older version of GPO installed and have taken a look in Finales's VST folder and there are KontaktPlayer2.dll and PersonalOrchestraVST.dll in my folder.
    I don't know if this will help you but if not, someone here surely will, John

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