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Topic: confirmation email?!

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    confirmation email?!

    I hate to be a pain and bring this up during this holiday time (plus in full knowledge that the Garritan team are probably working hard already), but has anyone received confirmation emails for their orders during the Go-round? I havent, nor have I received a reply from Gary after PM-ing him which is most unusual...

    Im going away till the 2nd of Jan, so am wishing you all a happy New Year now!


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    Re: confirmation email?!

    I wouldn't be too worried. I'm sure that they're working as hard as possible to get the stuff out to us. Give it a couple of days, take a deep breath, look at the stars and your dreams will come true!

    (yes... I'm waiting too...)

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    Re: confirmation email?!

    No conf, email here but I wouldn't worry either. I printed out my "acceptance screen." Garritan has always been on the up and up with me. I'll be waiting until mid-January before I start inquiries. Happy Holidays!
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