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Topic: i have some music that can be heard now

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    Smile i have some music that can be heard now

    this is the link


    re tony monaghan, it is not possible to post in the listening room at this time. so if you go to this link, you will fine my opus 1, 2, 3, and 5. opus 4 is not completed in the software yet - a viola concerto.

    whether the music is any good, who knows but i would not have any of this done without the help of so many of you here on the forum


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    Re: i have some music that can be heard now

    Hello, Ding - Welcome to The Listening Room.

    What Tony meant is that we can't directly upload music to the Forum, that could cause quite a problem. But what you did is what we all do, upload MP3s to a site and then we post a link. - I'll add that many of us have problems with Esnips, so you may want to look into a storage site that doesn't throw so many pop-ups at the visitor.

    ESNIPS TIP FOR ALL - Choose the MP3 widget under a piece, and it will take you to a page where that demonstration widget is loaded with the piece. That's the work-around for those of us who can't make the regular Esnips player work.

    Opus 1 - That's what I've heard this morning, Ding, and I'll come back to listen to the rest.

    It's a very good piece! Dramatic arpeggios stir things up at the beginning, then it's compelling, dramatic build from there. I really enjoyed the large shifts in moods which you handled so fluidly. You are doing serious, intelligent work here - I'm very impressed. - Looking forward to hearing more later!

    Randy B.

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    Re: i have some music that can be heard now


    This is some very impressive works. I had to turn up my volume for them and dodge all the e-snips clutter as well. Box.net is a site a number of us here use that is a little more user friendly.

    Well done


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    Smile Re: i have some music that can be heard now

    thanks to both of you for your kind words
    yes, everyone should turn up the volume loud to hear the music at best advantage.
    the opus1 ballade for cello and orquesta is the first work ever written - in 1961 and performed that year. originally written for piano only, i later added the cello and gave it some of the technical glitz work the piano had all to itself. i cannot say how demanding the cello part is technically - the piano is intricate and complicated, but i played that myself, so a professional musico should be able to do it with some practice.
    opus 4 is not on the site - it is not ready yet. it is a viola concerto. the 4 short pieces that make up opus 3 were composed in 1962 and 1963. then, opus 4 was in 2006. in that interval i wrote nothing. opus 5 - 2 movement sonata for cello and piano was written this summer.
    thanks again to all of you who listen. any comments positive or negative are fine. the work is the work - bad or good and has to stand on its own. whatever, it is what i wrote at the time i wrote it.

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    Re: i have some music that can be heard now

    This is different in a good way. You used several styles one one piece. It even broke into jazz there for a little while.


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    Re: i have some music that can be heard now

    I enjoyed your Opus 1--will give the other pieces a listen later on.
    The beginning would also sound great on clarinet. Very rhapsodic (sp?) piece--could be quite an encore
    Thanks for posting and looking forward to hearing more!

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    Thumbs up Re: i have some music that can be heard now

    Well i just listened to Opus 1 and Opus 2 and have to yell Bravo, ding.

    Both very different, outstanding pieces. Opus 2 Piano Concerto reminds me of Rachmaninov's style in the way that it flows. These make me want to make sure i get back here later to listen to the rest. I find that very interesting that these were written so long ago in the early 60s and now getting rendered with GPO, that is fantastic that we get to hear these.

    Thanks for posting these enjoyed listening very much.


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    Re: i have some music that can be heard now

    Well done - You obviously have a lot of piano experience and great technique. I would agree that the piece needs to be a lot louder in the mix - otherwise it really brings up the amplifier noise. I can put the volume at full and it is still not too loud.

    Check into the Garritan STrad violin and Gofriller cello - IF you do a lot of solo string pieces like this you will be much happier with them and so will your listeners. And no, I don't have shares or interests in Garritan! Be prepared to learn how to use them though.

    Thanks for posting and welcome!
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: i have some music that can be heard now


    I have just listened to your Opus 1. Outstanding,
    fascinating, highly engaging writing in this!

    I have bookmarked the page and shall return to
    listen to more of your work as time allows.

    With applause!


    My friend, may I suggest in future posting just one
    piece per thread... to give us better opportunity to
    absorb and concentrate on a single piece at one time.

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