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Topic: Choral/Vocal instruction?

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    Question Choral/Vocal instruction?

    I'm a Choral Music Education major and I'm using this course to help me get ready to take Orchestration next semester. I have very little experience with instruments (2 years on mallets in marching band) and I dont want to be behind the instrumentalists. Add to this the fact that I'm taking it a year early, haha! But my question is whether there is any plan to include any sections or courses on writing for voice? The class at my University seems to only teach vocal ranges and not move beyond that, and this course is laid our so well that I was hoping there would be some vocal info too. Does anyone know of a site like this focused on writing for voices or if this site will eventually include it?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Choral/Vocal instruction?

    You should check out these books...

    Contemporary Choral Arranging by Arthur E. Ostrander and Dana Wilson
    Choral Composition by Robert Stephan Hines
    Choral Arranging by Hawley Ades

    Kentaro Sato
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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