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Topic: Intel DP35DP w/ 3GB LAA Switch

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    Intel DP35DP w/ 3GB LAA Switch

    Just had this built last night.

    It has 3 x Scope DSP cards on the PCI slots and a GForce 5600GT video card.

    No IRQ issues, and the MasterVerb Benchmark which revealed 12 instances loaded on the DP965LT combo that was replaced, had an astounding 16 loaded, w/ PCI Overflow on the 17th.

    That's a serious improvement on PCI bandwidth. The G33, and P35 chipset are very stable and fast enough @ stock speeds.

    I had 4GB's of RAM ( 2 x 2GB sticks) of CL5 tweaked to CL4 in the BIOS, and have the 3GB LAA Switch under Forte and Bidule. It also works w/ Cubase 4, but not 4.1. Since I master on outboard gear 4.1 is just too overbloated for my needs, but the switch allows huge jump in the amount of content loaded. Since Scope's synths, effects, and mixers are routed w/ external Lexicon hardware reverbs using the AES / EBU I/O's, I only use pedal down impulses, and EReflections from Gigapulse for VST based FX. All sampled content is from Gigastudio libraries used in GVI, and only use VSTi's that are sample based as in K2 stuff.

    I have a great live rig now w/ this new combo using th P35 and QX9650. I really doubt I will need more content loaded as the 3GB Switch works flawlessley, hence no need for Vista or XP64 at this time. I built this to use w/ Gigastudio 4 after NAMM, so if it is the app of all apps as I have been told it will be .....cool. If not, as an XP based DAW, this DAWg Will Hunt.

    I am a performer and prefer professional builders do my DAW's. Once again I proved this right. Sure I could build my own and struggle w/ it. But having a guy who has built DAW's for years is worth every dollar spent.

    I advise anyone who needs a DAW quickly w/o any down time do the same. My builder is a Mac / PC Scope / Cubase / Gigastudio expert. He is a niche kind of guy. But guys here should seek the building experience of the ADK Pro guy, or another Pro builder.

    This DAW needs massive polyphony since I stack like crazy in GVI, so having 3 x 150GB Raptors sharing all sample content, and housed in a silent, cool, 4 in 3 SATA RAID Cage, I have achieved massive horn section stacks, and VSL. SISS string performances. I couldn't do this w/ a single HDD and 2GB's of RAM. But 3 x Raptors and the 3GB LAA Switch really make these large custom instruments perform perfectly. If it works live, recording is a breeze.

    XP64 and Vista are uneeded IMO, but if Gigastudio 4 w/ XP64 can be proven stable and better, I only need to add 4GB's more of RAM.

    For once I feel ahead of the curve.


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    Thumbs up Re: Intel DP35DP w/ 3GB LAA Switch

    Hey Jimmy... by ADK are you by chance referring to ADK Pro Audio? If so, I concur. Those guys are fantastic. Highly recommended.

    Happy New Year,

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    Wink Re: Intel DP35DP w/ 3GB LAA Switch

    I have seen a couple of their DAW's before loaded w/ Gigastudio and dependable hardware.

    I just think that if music is what you do for living, a dependable builder who does that for a living is a sensible partnership.

    Hardware threads are great to learn tricks from, but I watched my builder, as I fly him to town a few times a year, and know I could never comprehend everything he does. But watching and learning his tricks is great in case I have any problems during a gig. But since I have hardware redundancy, and his DAW's never crash unless I screw them up, I feel blessed.

    I can use Gigastudio libraries, GVI based instruments, Kontackt instruments, and the mighty DSP synths from Scope all in one giant project, while routing hardware reverbs via AES / EBU. My hardware mixer is where digtal and analog are brought together for a final mix,.....life is grand.

    I highly recommend Forte, and Bidule for live gigs also. They make this beast a cinch to have complex set ups w/ the push of a button.

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