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Topic: Three of a Kind

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    Three of a Kind

    The organ version was composed in August of 2001. The two piano version was born about a year later. The piano solo version was recently finished. The scores will all show that they are in the same key. However, the mp3's are not. The intended key is D flat Dorian, as in the piano solo version. I thought it might be interesting to show all three together, to see the development. They are really very close to identical.

    Black Toccata (Piano)

    Black Ripples (2 Pianos)

    Black Ripples (Organ)


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    Re: Three of a Kind

    I haven't had the time to listen to music here lately and it was nice to find some great music from you again here on the Saturday night. This is a very delightful piece of music. I found the organ version light and playful. The duet sounds like a great show piece and it would be fantastic to perform (my own fingers were itching ). Wonderful stuff from you.
    Kind Regards

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    Re: Three of a Kind

    A very enjoyable collection, Richard. I often find that the originally conceived piece has a richness to it that further iterations may lack. The organ version has a lot of emotion to it. I found the latest (single piano) version to be "kinder and gentler". It was like studying a flower as opposed to looking at a field of flowers.

    Thanx for sharing these versions with us.

    Frank Newman - Houston, Texas, USA, Earth, Milky Way (for our 'extended' viewership)
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    Re: Three of a Kind


    I can almost see the black ripples moving thru the air. I listened to all 3, but I think I enjoyed the 2 pinos the best.

    Well done


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    Re: Three of a Kind

    The organ hands down. It sounds kind of psychedelic.


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    Re: Three of a Kind

    Most interesting to revisit the various versions and evolution
    of this, Richard. I've given these several listens over the
    last few days.

    I am most definitely with Phil on this, however: though I think
    the piano versions (particularly the two-piano cut) are quite
    succesful on their own -- the organ version just takes it all
    away, hands down! Bravo!

    My best,


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