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Topic: Default Trumpet and Sax Samples

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    Default Trumpet and Sax Samples

    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum and recently got JABB for a gift. My question is about the default samples, especially for sax and trumpet. The default settings give the samples a very bland sound. the trumpet sounds almost like a clarinet. I've experiments with all the setting on the player and have applied some of the tutorial learnings as well, but the sounds are still a bit off.

    I'm looking for a punchy trumpet sound that is bright that I can apply the shake tutorial to. Not sure if you are familiar with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, but it would be like the Willy Marilo trumpet.

    For sax, I want it to be a jazzy/sexy type sound. I've worked with the Filt knobs on the player and with a lot of the controllers, but they still sound bland. Any tips from the forum members?

    My arrangements use the brass section as accent to swing and blues songs.

    Thanks for your help.

    Scott Curry

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    Re: Default Trumpet and Sax Samples

    You'll find that the five trumpet samples are somewhat different in character and it's important to select the right one for your application. Just because Trumpet 1 is listed first doesn't mean it's the "best" trumpet sample. Trumpet 1 is actually the lead trumpet and it sounds good in the upper ranges. Some of the other trumpets are more suitable for "in the staff" parts.

    As for the saxes, I guess it all depends on what you mean by a "jazzy" sound. Paul Desmond, Charlie Parker, or David Sanborn? Stan Getz, John Coltrane, or Michael Brecker or Sam Butera (the guy who played with Louie Prima)? Again, the saxes have a fair amount of variety so check out all the tenors, for example.

    All these samples seem to be more realistic when played with a breath controller, and good sequencing techniques will help even more. By that, I mean paying close attention to note lengths, velocities, and placement, proper voicings in your arrangements, good balance, etc. One of the most beneficial strategies Ive found is to make good use of the pitch variance controller. Particularly in an ensemble or section setting, it adds a lot of realism quickly. When done correctly, the results can be convincing, but it will take some effort. These libraries must be learned before they can be used to their best advantage.

    Another succesful tactic is to layer JABB with other libraries. I've had success layering JABB with the Wallander WIVI trumpets, for example.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: Default Trumpet and Sax Samples


    Thanks for the response. Every little tip helps a lot. I will definitely explore the breath controller option.


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    Re: Default Trumpet and Sax Samples

    And don't forget about reverb. The samples are on the dry side and if you listen to them without any reverb, they will sound blander than a real instrument that you are used to listening to in a real room (or hall, or ...). So, as mentioned above, CC programming is very important, but using the right reverb for the given atmosphere you are trying to mimic is also quite important.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Default Trumpet and Sax Samples

    Thanks. I noticed that you can get a "whoosh" sound when doing a falloff if you don't control the reverb as well.


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