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Topic: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

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    New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Hi all! We are very excited to present to you our new Users’ Compositions Upload Area. We encourage all to upload and share with the rest of the world compositions created with GigaStudio. This area is equipped with a voting system which allows users to interact with each other; giving their ratings and comments on compositions submitted. The point of this area is not to down trod, but instead provide a source of constructive criticism. Ratings will be averaged across the entire user base and a top ten section will reflect those with the highest kudos. Remember to have fun with this area. Use it to better your craft, as well as to gain insight on others’ perspectives.
    Northern Sounds Composer Vote
    Enjoy? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    PaPa Chalk & Desound

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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Papa, where is it?

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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    at the top of the BBS forums list.

    or here



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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Ah hem. Well. Ok, this is a good idea and all and I will make use of it, however, I was hoping there would be two other discussion headers. Something like \"Discussions Completely OT\" (Which would include OT discussions thrown in there by the moderator from other subject heads), and another something like \"Composer Songs Showcase and Discussion\", which composers could do a \"hey, listen to this\" or even point out something in the vote area.
    And on the matter of voting, well, my guess is that many will not use this because while they may not mind showcasing their music, they may not like the idea of people here (particularly the power hitters of this forum) judging them.
    Please, I am not trying to be a bad guy here: just pointing out a few relevant things of concern. I know you can\'t please everybody...

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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Sorry Damon the link didn\'t come through for some reason. http://northernsounds.net/gigavote/

    Thanks for your feed back dwdonehoo all the features you listed here can be done directly on that page. Try it out you\'ll be surprised at the things you can do. It is also an upload site you have the choice of uploading your mp3 or making a link to it. We are currently resuming the upload section on this part of the site. Just register and you will be able to submit up to five mp3\'s at a time. If you want to change an mp3 you can do so at anytime (realtime), no more waiting for us to make links to the file etc. You can also send a message to a user without having to email them there are many more features. Try it out.

    BTW we are not finished with our site upgrade, there are many more things to come..... including an OT section. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


    PaPa Chalk


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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Good luck with your voting site. I myself will never upload anything that has to be voted on. (I can\'t remember ANYONE asking about a voting feature???) But I\'m sure some will enjoy this new feature. We STILL need someway of posting links to our small demos, songs in progress, etc. in a forum style so it\'s easy to get feedback and comments. Perhaps I will create this site when I have more time...

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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    I really like the idea of a \"Composer Songs Showcase and Discussion\" section as dwdonehoo suggested, but I personally don\'t like the idea or the format of \"Voting\" area. Constructive criticism is great, especially with some of the insights and experience the members in this forum have...but the whole rate-it-with-a-number system/Top Ten thing sounds like overkill. There\'s enough competition in the real world as it is. I don\'t think we need that in the forum, too.
    In the past, people posting a link to there stuff has worked out great. If it ain\'t broke...I think starting a new section as dwdonehoo suggested would be ideal.
    Besides, after listening to that first piece by Thomas, there\'s no way in heck I\'m gonna post anything in the near future...that sounds better than half the full blown film scores I\'ve heard...not an act I\'d want to follow!


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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Thanks for the feed back guys you can still have constructive criticism. There is a section to post comments right on the same page. You can also only vote once, any voting for the same person will not register in the database. It\'s no different than criticism on this page. This site was put up for those who emailed us requesting the reopening of the upload section with the option to make posts and other features. Voting just gives an idea of compositions people like. It\'s averaging it does not mean it\'s a bad or good composition just what people like on a specific day.
    It\'s can be fun and not too much different than posting here. If you notice it\'s on our new mirror site moving these types of posts to this section will help deal with bandwidth issues (no crashing or shutting down of the servers etc.) We are already making our server sweat on northernsounds.com, which is a good thing in one sense. This means many people are into Giga. We will be adding new options on the new upload section right now we have a one megabyte limit we may up it. The reason we have this current limit is for the speed of upload. Give us your input on the size. here.

    Thanks again for your input we are listening to your posts.
    PaPa Chalk & Desound

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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    I am not surprised by the feedback thus far. Another disturbing thing: you cannot even listen to everything without voting: voting is manditory! Ungood. And when I tried to listen to the one available MP3 in a particular catagory, it refused to download. Too bleeding edge for me. I will check back into this sometime later. I will watch with interest to see how this all proceeds. But I do appreciate this effort by NS.

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    Re: New Northern Sounds Composers Vote Site

    Hello Donehoo you can check out all the mp3\'s by going to the top ten section. you don\'t have to vote in that section. later you will also be able to post comments from that section also.

    As with everything we don\'t expect everyone to like everything but thanks again for the feed back. It does help to make new features.

    PaPa Chalk

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