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Topic: Installing 4 Garritan Libraries - any gotchas?

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    Installing 4 Garritan Libraries - any gotchas?

    I received my GPO, Strad, Cello and JAAB yesterday via the Go-round sale.
    Will get CoMB next week - now I need to get them all installed and check them out.

    Does it really make any difference where I install the libraries?
    I know with EWQL Platinum (waiting for PLAY version) that I will split up the libraries across my 4 internal SATA drives, but do I need to do that with the Garritan libraries?
    MacPro 2.66 - Tiger & Snow Leopard / 16GB RAM / several TB of HD space/ Garritan Libraries / EWQLSO Platinum PLAY / Omnisphere/ Kontakt 2 & 3 / Finale 2010 /DP5/ a VERY patient wife!

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    Re: Installing 4 Garritan Libraries - any gotchas?


    These libraries are all pretty small (2GB or less), so they can all sit on one drive very easily, including laptops. For sanity's sake dealing with loading patches, you should keep all the monoliths of a particular library on a single drive.


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    Re: Installing 4 Garritan Libraries - any gotchas?

    I noticed one minor thing, I lost the icons in the K2 player left hand side window for GPO and JABB. I just got Strad and Grofiller, installed it without any problems.

    The icons are also missing when I bring up K2 player in Sibelius 5 or as a standalone player. I haven't tried Pro tools or Logic 8 yet. The instruments work fine.

    Anyone know how to tell K2 player how to load the icons? I just get a blue background and text saying what the instruments is.



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    Re: Installing 4 Garritan Libraries - any gotchas?

    I ahve just installed my new Strad and Gofriller... and noticed that the cello seems to be in the wrong octave on my keyboard. Is there an update I might be missing?

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