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Topic: fx teleport and kontakt 2?

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    fx teleport and kontakt 2?

    I am very interested in this product, but concerned about the problems with NI security software. I would just try the free version they so kindly offer, but whether this works or not will decide what kind of new computer I get, so I don't have a second computer to use right now. Anyone with experience with this or any other product suggestions? Thanks.


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    Re: fx teleport and kontakt 2?

    Sorry, no answers. But I'm about to set up FXTeleport, and was unaware of problems with NI. In fact I was about to convert all my samples to Kontakt and ditch Giga, which I have always found a bit temperamental. I may have to rethink.

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    Re: fx teleport and kontakt 2?

    Mark, i don't see why you should have any problem with NI CP system.

    I've demoed K2(K2.1 i think) and FX-T in the past and it worked really well. I'm sure going to buy it at some point but i use stand alone with sound cards for now.

    I'm not sure about this but i think cracks versions of FX-T is being use a lot so that would explain why nobody is commenting, i don't know... It's a shame if it's the case cause It's quit amazing... No available for Mac! insert a Pc vs Mac commercial here.

    Pingu, you're gonna double and even triple your orchestral templates going from GS to K2. Just make sure you lower the pre-load size to something like 18 kb. That may not work so well with hight polyphony instruments like pianos but it's great for orchestra.

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    Re: fx teleport and kontakt 2?

    My understanding, which is slight to be generous, is that the NI authorization software is to blame. I have been in contact with FX, and they have sent a patch that they say will work around it. I should have a way of testing this by the end of this month (building a new system, still shopping for parts around work schedule) and I'll report back then.



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