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Topic: Buying a new Hard Drive...

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    Buying a new Hard Drive...

    I am buying a new Hard Drive for my PC (an extra one), and want to know if I can move the various Garritan libraries to this new drive without re-installing everything.

    Are there specific files I need to move?

    Are there any that NEED to remain where they were installed?

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    Re: Buying a new Hard Drive...

    Yes. Just move the whole library folder to the new HD, and tell KP2 where the library is. Unfortunatly, I just installed a new main HD and haven't put my libraries back on, so I can't give you a screenshot of where to go.
    Anthony Abruscato

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    Re: Buying a new Hard Drive...

    Ouch, I just copied (not moved) all the folders for GPO, J&BB, and CoMB to the new hard drive, and they take forEVER to load up the instruments...

    AND there's a constant crackling sound!!!
    which it never did before.

    (please move this to the tech support section of the forum... obviously, this is turning into more than a simple question)

    and happy new year!

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