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Topic: Lunar Eclipse

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    Lunar Eclipse

    I composed the main part of this last winter and named it Luna. The past 2 days I decided to expand it and to my surprise, I found out that it now depicted an eclipse instead of just the moon dancing in the nighttime sky.

    I think many of you will see this as a departure from my normal atonality, but I have many pieces that are tonal as well. They just bore me a bit.

    All GPO

    Here it is


    Hope you enjoy and any and all comments are appreciated.


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    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    wow, hey Ron - this is different!
    A very great departure for you indeed.

    Let me listen again.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    OK, i like it.

    This new voice from you took me by surprise a bit.

    Very melodic - and happy to hear chordal structure. Enjoyed the different "mini" movements this work presents. The sweeping waltz-like flow is very hypnotic. A very clean, more precise, and to-the-point thematic work from you.

    Some small technical concerns: the piano sounds a bit to "forte" all the time. Not sure if the sample you use has different samplings of each dynamic or maybe pedal settings?

    I also noticed, or I thought I did, some new string panning?

    Overall, a great surprise! You paint with a broad brush. I enjoy the dichotomy within you.

    What a great Saturday! Fredrik joined and posted and you presented a great new work.

    I must get out more...

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    Hi, Ron

    Yes indeed, a very different sound than we've heard from you before. It may not be atonal, but there's that unpredictable synapse firing ingredient that I find characteristic of you.

    --The ending of segments, it's reminding me of the unexpected held major chord endings in "Insanity" - Here as in that piece, that keeps sounding unsatisfying to me. I keep wanting it to be a pleasant surprise, but every time the effect feels flat - like after all the adventursomeness, I'm suddenly plopped rudely back on the ground. - SOmething like that.

    Much of the second half is an extended episode, a suspension of development while the air ripples awhile on what's already established. I wasn't sure it was so much taking us forward as treading water.

    In the thread about your full "Insanity" movements, you got the feedback that more variety in tempo and volume would make things more interesting. I was hinting at that when I said there was a relentless and perpetual quality - And there's that quality here also it seems to me. A Push Play and hear it all unwind evenly effect. Maybe I'm describing exactly what your intention is.

    SOmething strange is going on in the sound quality of the recording itself - That's the GPO piano?---I can't recognize it. It sounds Highly compressed - Michael said it was forte all the time, and I agree. I think part of that is an artifact of over-compression. The orchestra sounded equally odd, thin, squashed - difficult to recognize as GPO.

    A sonic experiment in your mix doing that maybe?

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Shelton, Washington State

    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    I also like it but it does sound like you cut back the lower frequencies on a equalizer.

    It does seem pretty intense. I guess this is your style and what is inside you.

    You just keep going.


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    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    Thanks guys

    I played around with so many settings on this that I think I may have gone tone deaf. I will remix this again and see if I can get it right.

    In some cases, I don't think sibelius works right at all. I have the paino set from PPP to FF and yet it sounds the same all the way thru. THe tempo changes around 10 times from 45bpm to 100 bpm and varies in between.

    Now that the holidays are over, I might find the time to fix this.



    I finally got my sound card to work with Sonar and am slowly learning that, while also trying to teach myself Abstract Algebra. 1000$ I paid so I can teach myself math. What a great world.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    The sound on this is pretty strange – almost like it’s being played in the next room.

    As far as the music goes, it is a little different from most of the music you’ve posted, but if I didn’t know who wrote, it, I think I would guess it was you – somehow it has your stamp on it.

    I think as far as the static feeling that Randy is talking about it seems like the beginning and ending sections seem to just rock back and forth between Eb and Bb and stay pretty diatonically in Eb Major. The middle section is a little more interesting in that it leaves Eb and goes off in some other directions.
    Some of the modulations seem to help build tension, but some of them didn’t seem to carry it forward.

    Can you tell I like your more atonal works better ? It’s not that I dislike this so much as I’ve heard you do better. Now the war epic you’ve been working on – no comparison between the two….
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Dallas, TX

    Thumbs up Re: Lunar Eclipse

    Hi Ron, i won't comment on the instruments sounding messed a bit and static, but the tune itself i like very much.

    This is the kind of piano i love, because i can enjoy very much closely listening or enjoy just letting it play while i read or do other things. I can't wait to hear it after you revive the ff and pp.


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    Re: Lunar Eclipse

    Hi Ron;well, I finally got around to this one (sorry it took so long!), after first reading your commentary.

    It's tonal to be sure but -- as others have noted -- your compositional signature is indelible on this! You still interjected a bit of madness in the middle of all the conventionality, and did so with your usual flair. Well done!

    I think the production value stuff will come in time as you master some of the basics in Sonar... but then, there's a definite starkness and lean quality to your style (very evident in this piece as well) that isn't hampered much at all -- IF at all -- by a lack of "bells and whistles". In fact, that very quality points directly to its high level of musical worthiness.

    A fine piece of music, my friend. Thanks for posting your Eclipse!


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    Re: Lunar Eclipse


    I was experimenting with Reaper and it didn't work very well. I will go back to using the KP2 player with which I had a lot more success. Thanks for the listen!


    I am very happy that you enjoyed this and extremely happy that you took the time to let me know.


    The new part I added to this was the "madness" in the middle. I think if I would have left that out and just posted the original, few would have guessed it to be mine.

    Thanks again guys

    I am off to teaching, for the rest of the afternoon, then back to my studies once I get home.


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