I didn't think that I had been using cc64 much before the last week (where I have been using it with JBB and CMB). But I discovered that I had programmed it (well, actually, cc68 by mistake - I do not have a notation program) into something that I worked on earlier in the year with GPO (Kontakt 1). I enter it via the Controller Pane of Sonar.

With the JBB and CMB, cc64 seems to be working "as advertized". But in this piece with solo strings, I converted the cc68s into cc64s, and when I listened to it after the change, it does not seem to be working as I expected.

As I understand, it is either ON or OFF, where "64" is the change point. (I wasn't sure if the actual effect was variable, in that you can program the 'amount' of legato by having Values closer to "64" rather than nearer to "0" or "127".

Well, in this piece, I have slow 1/8th notes. The first two are articulated and the last two are slurred. What happens is that for any Value = 64 or above, the first of the slurred notes runs into the second one (by quite a bit) and the second into the third. For any Value below 64, all notes are articulated. The note lengths are a full 1/8th note length (I am using 96 ticks per quarter note, so that means each note is 48 ticks in length). I tried making one of the slurred notes shorter in length, but its sound still overlapped the next one, noticably. I also tried overlapping the notes to be slurred. I still got the overlapping sound. So it appears that it doesn't matter what the note length is - if cc64 is employed, I get a significant overlapping sound.

The Kontakt Player is set to its default of "1" polyphony, and, again, the instruments are Solo instruments.

What is happening here? How can I get a proper legato?