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Topic: esnips site

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    Smile esnips site

    here is a link


    to a site where i have some of the music that so many of you have helped me figure out technical problems. it contains my opus 1, 2 (2 movements), 3 (in 4 parts - small pieces), and 5 (2 movements). opus 4 is a viola concerto and is not finished yet.
    there is some history on the works on the site. all comments positive and negative are fine and welcome .

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    Re: esnips site

    Hi Ding,

    I visited the esnips site to have a listen and was inundated with popups and adverts saying I had malware. This seems to be a known problem with this site. I ended up hitting the power button on the computer rather than let it pile on the popups.

    Might I suggest uploading your files to a more friendly place like dmusic.com or some of the other free sites that are out there. I'm sure no harm was done but it could be kinda scary for others.

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    Re: esnips site

    I hate to be blunt, but enips is an absolutely horrendous place to host your music. You might want to follow several other artists here and get your own box.net account (like esnips but without the popups, self-installing spyware, etc. etc.).

    Best of luck
    -Chris Plorán
    There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Therefore there must be a God. You either get this one or you don't - Kreeft & Tacelli
    The will to achieve is not sufficient. Some things should not be achieved. - Rimsky-Korsakov
    Musicians are just these guys that want to make music. Okay, they want to have a wonderful lifestyle, but the majority just want to make really great music. - Jon Anderson

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    Thumbs up Re: esnips site

    thanks to you all for your interest in trying to hear the music. i have never seen any popups or advertising. perhaps that is because i am a member of the site, but i paid nothing. i would have thought i would be bombarded all the time.
    tony, thank you for suggesting the free dmusic.com. i will look into that. perhaps, as a moderator, i could ask you to delete this thread entirely. then no one will know the site exists and will not receive the interferences.

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