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Topic: Question about legato in GPO and JABB

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    Question about legato in GPO and JABB

    I was playing with the English Horn 2 sample today in KP2, and I noticed when I used the pedal, the English Horn was much quieter than when I didn't. This came up before, in fact I even posted a thread about this a while back, and they said it would be fixed in the new updates.

    When the new updates came out, it did seem to be fixed. Recently, though, I have noticed it again.

    So I went into the full Kontakt 2 and looked at the various groups, and noticed that the legato is usually set to a volume of -6.0 db and the sustain (not legato) is usually at (+)0.1 db. I thought that was odd, so I went to the Jazz and Big Band library in the full Kontakt 2 and found the same thing, except this change in volume is not audible in JABB. It is, by the way, audible on at least all the woodwinds in GPO, I haven't checked the others yet.

    I was going to change all the groups to be the same volume in GPO, but since it is like that in JABB, and is not audible, I am hesitant. Is there a reason that it would be audible in GPO and not in JABB, even when they both have the same volume settings? And why are they different to begin with?


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    Re: Question about legato in GPO and JABB

    I just tried using the Trumpet 1 solo in GPO, and while it also has volume differences shown in the group editor in Kontakt 2, they are also not audible, so it would seem to be a GPO woodwind issue.


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