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Topic: full orchestra manuscript paper??

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    full orchestra manuscript paper??

    Hey everybody,

    I'm looking for a specific type of manuscript paper, but I can't seem to find it on the internet. It's the type of paper film orchestrators use before having the copyists (or themselves) put the score into a music notation program--fairly large, oftentimes in landscape layout (vs. portrait) but not always the case, and has plenty of staves which are marked with general instrument names. I saw paper like this once up at Berklee in their bookstore, but its not sold on their website. Oh, and I have seen much of the free internet paper, but most of that is not what I'm looking for, and would actually prefer to buy the paper--I'd rather not waste my ink!!

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    A Yahoo search on "Orchestral Manuscript paper" found this

    If you look under "Score paper" (pg. 1019) "Carta Manuscript Paper No. 22" and "No. 23" both have 26 staves

    The Julliard Bookstore sells it (given Hal Leonard is a big publisher, you could probably order it from your local music store)


    Hal Leonard also appears to sell a CD that you can print out your own manuscript paper (Adobe Acrobat .pdf files)


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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??


    This is where all the Hollywood guys get their paper.
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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    I use the Panopus Score-System A3 block, which is an 18 stave landscape paper for scoring and sketching, giving 75 leaves printed one side only. Panopus comes in a full range of sizes and formats and can be ordered quite cheaply through boosey & hawkes, or any music store probably. PS. The staves do not have instrument names. But in most scores, the full orchestra is rarely in use, so names would equal a lot of wasted paper.

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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    If you get the program called Finale, you get the ability to print perfect looking scores and awesome playback of the scores,

    but of course if you wanted to print pages of blank staves, you could load up a full orchestra (or any combination of instruments) and print it blank without adding any notes, expressions, or articulations.

    It allows you to make it in landscape or portrait, and i don't know positively but pretty sure you can change paper sizes if your printer is the type that prints the larger sizes.

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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    I think Ken's point in the original post was that he doesn't want to use up his printer ink by printing blank scores. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the way I read it.
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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    Print one page in Finale (I use 11x17) - take it to the copy shop and copy the heck out of it to both sides.

    There is also an online FREE source:


    But I gave up actually buying manuscript many years ago. Make your own is my recommendation.
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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    You beat me to it.
    I was going to suggest using a blank score via Finale.

    Yesterday I printed 5 orchestral scores I purchased from Kentaro Sato - I'm sure many recognize his name - at Staples and they look great. I got them to help me as I begin writing my symphony/soundtrack for my Lilly Endowment project. It helps me see how some things are written out in a score.

    I love Sato's stuff, so it was a good idea to get some of his scores.
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    Re: full orchestra manuscript paper??

    For those of you who have Finale 2004 and later, I have provided a number of orchestra templates for download. They can be found at Jari Williamsson's Finale site:


    David Young

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