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Topic: JABB not sounding all instmnts in Finale 2008

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    Question JABB not sounding all instmnts in Finale 2008

    when loading JABB instruments the only ones that play back are the
    rhythm section. Nothing is muted anywhere in the inst. list or mixer.
    All the instruments used to play, but all except the rhythm have stopped playing even though they load as they always have.
    Does anyone have a suggestion where the problem might be?

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    Re: JABB not sounding all instmnts in Finale 2008

    Hi dzvet,

    Most of the non-rhythm section instruments are wind instruments and the wind instruments need some "virtual air" flowing through them to get them to sound. The virtual air is the data in the CC1 (modulation wheel) part of the midi track. You need some value of CC1 > 0 in order to get the wind instruments to make a sound. Check out pages 36-41 in the JABB manual for a more complete description of what is going on.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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