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Topic: Controller data

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    Controller data


    I´m new in this forum. I´m using Garritan Jazz and BigBand Library with Cubase and a simple Midi Keyboard (Flowers MK 4903).
    Using the trumpet on a VST-Instrument Track of Cubase 4.1, pressing the sustain pedal of the keyboard (for slur articulation), the track goes in "mute" and no sound is produced pressing any taste of the keyboard. Releasing the sustain pedal, the track becomes unmuted and all is running (and hearing - tongued of course) correctly. Is there an overlapping with the controller-data?

    Someone can help me?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Controller data

    Hi Bruno,

    I'm not sure what is causing your problem but here's a few stabs at it.
    Is the track being actually muted in Cubase? If this is the case, it would seem that your midi keyboard is sending a Mute command.
    If the sound just drops out, check the Options button in the Kontakt interface: what is selected for Sustain pedal operation? It should be set to controller.
    Are you using the Kontakt Player 2 version?


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    Re: Controller data


    thanks for your answer. I´m using Kontakt Player 1.
    For Sustain pedal operation i´ve tried all the options, but nothing
    If this is the case, it would seem that your midi keyboard is sending a Mute command.
    I think you are right. Do you believe there is any possibility to change the interpretation of the arriving comand in Cubase?
    I´d like to use this instruments (trumpets/trombones) in live concerts.
    maybe the only way to resolve this problem is to change to another (better) midikeybaord.


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