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Topic: A Little Turkish Tale and the Christmas CD

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    A Little Turkish Tale and the Christmas CD

    In town there's a little cafe we often frequent run by a few Turkish people. The food is so good we go there often and have got to know them very well. You couldn't wish to meet nicer people.

    A week or so before Christmas we called in on one of our usual visits and they had put up Christmas decorations and Christmas cards they had received from customers. After placing our order we handed the little waitress our card and chocolates for the staff. We started talking about Christmas and she explained that although Christmas is not a Turkish festival the staff all respect the festival and enjoy the festivities and music and they all join in. At this I handed her a few copies I had made of our Christmas CD intending these for the English staff there. She thanked us for the card and presents and left to see to our order.

    Less than a minute later she was back at our table. She had shown the Christmas CD to the owner and he had asked her to come and tell us that he had been searching for a CD of Chritmas music to play in the cafe. I was stunned when she asked if it was OK to play for their customers.

    I wasn't entirely certain if this was OK with Gary and my fellow artists featured on that CD. I was so surprised I muttered an unsure 'Yes' and within less than a minute the sounds were wafting around a packed cafe

    And so my dear lady and I sat at our table with our dishes of superb steaming vegetable lasagne, the best in town, whilst Garritan's Christmas CD Volume 4 played subtly in the background of a Turkish cafe

    We returned a few days later and the music was still being played. The little waitress told us that many of their customers had asked about the music and she showed them the CD on which I had stuck a label with James' design.

    I just thought people might like me sharing this little Turkish tale here. Oh .. and I hope it was OK for them to play it. I have searched the Christmas Page for any terms of use and couldn't find anything. It was very popular with their customers.
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    Re: A Little Turkish Tale and the Christmas CD

    Excellent story, Michael!

    I for one have no objections regarding using my Christmas arrangement in the cafe - quite the contrary - who knows - one of the songs from the album might end up as the Turkish No. 1


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    Re: A Little Turkish Tale and the Christmas CD

    That story makes the project very much worth while!
    I'm sure there are other stories similar.
    I enjoyed reading it.

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