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Topic: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

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    Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Happy New Year. I though I would start the new year off by posting a piece from one of my favorite composers/pianists - Keith Jarrett.

    This is a transcription of one of his tracks from the Sun Bear Concerts. I play the GPO Steinway directly into Sonar. (Can't wait for the new GPO Steinway.)

    The transcription is by Friedrich Grossnick. For Jarrett fans, there is a great web site with a number of transcriptions of his works. http://dark-intervals.com/

    I hope you enjoy.



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    Thumbs up Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    This is beautiful Tom! You really have the GPO Steinway sounding well. Not too many contemporary piano pieces get posted here so this was a nice surprise. I also love "We're Almost There" but you should make it longer, it ends too soon.

    Thanks for also posting that link.


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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Thanks so much, David. I'm glad that you enjoyed this piece. The second song (We're Almost There") is a "work in progress" where I got stumped and not sure where to go with it. But got some great feedback from a number of forum listeners. So, am in the process of finding my way through it.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    A nice job on this. I'm also a fan of Keith Jarret. He has a lot of soul and his compositions a very tasteful.

    Boy, it sounds like I'm sitting right next to him. It sounds dry but works well for this one. The GPO Steinway can really ring with the right velocity.

    A little humming and it would be perfect.


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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Yep! I'm also a Keith Jarrett fan! This is a very nice representation of one of his solos. Thank you!

    I saw Keith Jarrett live, once, a long, long time ago. It was at a jazz concert. I don't remember when or where the concert was held. But I do remember thoroughly enjoying his music. I must say, though, when he first started his set, he was moaning and groaning away while he played. It distracted me at the beginning. In fact, at first, I found his "vocalizations" down-right obnoxious. But as he and his ensemble played on, I began to appreciate how his moaning, groaning and humming was a part of his music making. In a not too odd way, it complimented his jazz improvisation.

    So. . . if you REALLY want to transcribe and play his solos, should not the moaning, groaning and humming be included?? Yes? No? LOL! (I'm just being silly!)

    Nicely done! And Happy New Year!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Thanks, Tom

    Beautiful rendition of this piece. And you've shown, as happens once in awhile, that it's not as if the GPO Steinway should be sneezed at as a sampled Piano instrument. It can sound great - Kind of calls for a pianist, which you clearly are.

    Applause for both you and the incomparable Keith Jarrett.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Randy, Ted, Phil -

    Thanks for your kind comments. You may have known that Keith Jarrett has, over recent years, battled chronic fatigue syndrome and was for a time not performing - and not even playing piano. Thankfully, he seems on the road to recovery and performing again.

    The first time I saw him at a concert was here in San Diego, in the late
    1970s. I simply could not believe that all of his live solo concerts were entirely improvised. He is an amazing artist.


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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Keith Jarrett was a new name to me. Maybe I'm just from the wrong country.

    A very enjoyable introduction for me - prompted me to search out more. Nice piano work - I'm sure it will sound great on the new Steinway.

    (One small technical note - the MP3 cuts off before the reverb has died down.)

    Thanks for posting!

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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    Good presence (well recorded) ...a piano does not always need tons of reverb and great rendering of this Jarret piece. Thanks for posting! - Del
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Sun Bear Concert - Keith Jarrett Solo

    English Gent - I am happy to introduce you to Keith Jarrett's music. I think you will greatly enjoy his music. For the quintesential Jarrett, may I suggest the Koln Concert CD. It was recorded in the mid 1970s and remains my favorite. It won the Jazz Album of the year the year it was released.

    Also, only noticed the cutoff of the tail when I posted it.

    Del -

    Thanks for your comments. I wanted to go for a clear and unmuddled sound so used very little reverb.

    Also, I looked at your company website (MDT Communications) and may I way it is one of the best corporate web sites that I have seen. I love the music and the way the pages transition. Great work!


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