Hello. This is my first post on these northernsounds.com forum so I'm hoping I came to the right place and right subforum to share my problem with you. Firstly, let me just introduce a little about what kind of programs etc and PC setup I have. I'm using Finale 2008 (.r2) which comes with 1.49 GB of something that's called 'Garritan Instruments for Finale' [GIF]. Well, okay. Using the setup wizard, I notice that I've got 2 following instrument sets at my disposal: Garritan Instruments for Finale and SmartMusic Softsynth. Thus I choose the Garritan set. Finally I get to the sheet view and can start composing stuff. Yay. Not quite. Under MIDI/Audio I have 'Play Finale through VST selected'. Think it's supposed to be like this. However, when I launch VST setup, I see this: http://www.zone.ee/ziili/VST-setup.gif There's no Garritan Instruments, only that SoftSynth, which sounds the best I've heard.. for a MIDI. But how can I hear the Garritan Instruments that came with the program, how can I use them in my compositions and perhaps make some of my older compositions (which are in .mid format) play with those, too? Also, am I not supposed to be able to set ambience reverb (which is grey in the picture) ? Finally, how can I get to using Kontakt player and its resources? I am either completely missing something or just plain stupid, but I don't get what I'm supposed to do. I've read a couple of forums, tried searching but this made it all the more confusing to me. So, if you have any further questions about my problem that need answering, just write here and I can elaborate any time. But in your replies, please bear in mind that I'm not really experienced with these things, so it would be greatly appreciated if you provided a step-by-step guide or at least told me what's the exact cause of my problem so I could google again and find the answer out there. Anyway, hoping to see a warm welcome and looking forward to your replies so I can get started, knowing my libraries work as they should and maybe share my first compositions with Garritan instruments with you. Thanks in advance,