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Topic: Quirkle Nr. 4

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    Quirkle Nr. 4

    It seems that I have forgotten about Quirkle Nr. 3. It will be along soon. Meanwhile:

    Quirkle Nr. 4

    The mp3 was made with GPO Steinway. This is an expanded and revised version of Nr. 1.


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    Re: Quirkle Nr. 4

    It sounds a little quirky. Maybe even temperamental but it manages to get the job done.

    It was fun to listen to.

    Happy new year in the redwoods from a guy by a swamp.


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    Re: Quirkle Nr. 4

    Richard -

    This was a most enjoyable listen for me!

    I've heard a few pieces by you, now. Your work opens different "compositional doors" for me. I've actually written (for "Advanced" compositional classes) similar styles of music long, long ago. They're not as polished as yours (of course). But they did stretch my compositional skills (long, long, ago).

    I like listening to your work because, one, they are interesting and, two, they do "open those doors". I am wonderfully and gratefully reminded that good music comes in different forms. As mentioned in previous posts on previous threads, I visit this forum to listen to well-written music, to enjoy the music and to learn. This has been no exception.

    Thank you for sharing your work and Happy New Year!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Quirkle Nr. 4

    I begin to suspect that quirkles are neurotically
    eccentric and slightly wrinkled quarks, Richard.
    Please let me know if I've discovered the true
    nature of the beast... but this is what the ear
    seems to tell me.

    What a delight... lol. You're always a surprise,
    Richard -- this just ticked me, as it gyrated about
    the keyboard... yet made perfect sense to me from
    one end to the other.

    Now, thing is, I couldn't begin to explain why that

    My best,


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