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Topic: Give some free rice

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    Give some free rice

    many of you may have stumbled across this site already, but I thought I'd just point it out to anyone who hasn't.


    The idea is that you take a vocab quiz, and for every definition you guess / identify correctly 20 grains of rice are donated to countries that need it - all paid for by the advertisements at the bottom of the page. It's a very easy way to give at this charitable time of year.

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    Re: Give some free rice

    I kept on going until I reached 2000

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    Re: Give some free rice

    Well, I kept going to 1500 grains. Sure glad I don't have to count them out though.
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    Re: Give some free rice

    I discovered this a few months ago. Half of the employees where I work were filling their rice bowls when the boss wasn't looking. Lol.
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    Re: Give some free rice

    Thanks for the link! Not only for a good cause, but educational. Great stuff.
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    Re: Give some free rice

    I just tried it and it was fun. Thanks for the link.


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    Re: Give some free rice

    Thanks for the link!

    I didn't know about this until tonight. I was able to get to 2500 grains, and will as time permits do more. I sent the link to many people, so hopefully, they'll help too.

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    Re: Give some free rice

    Wow this is fun! Almost half the words i don't know, but i keep guessing them right. I have 720 grains so far, and at level 40, the lowest so far is 38.

    World hunger is a serious thing though and i think it important to donate to the orgs that are doing something about this. We often don't realize how well off we are until a reality check of how others are doing.

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    Re: Give some free rice

    Thanks for using the link everyone. I discovered that in the options tab you can set the site to remember where you were up to. It makes it much more fun - I just made 50000 grains last night.

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    Re: Give some free rice

    And here:

    you can give 1.1 CUPS of food by clicking 1 button.

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