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Topic: Gofriller Keyswitches aren't visible

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    Gofriller Keyswitches aren't visible


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    Re: Gofriller Keyswitches aren't visible

    The Finale update also does not show KS notes at the bottom...
    And when I play my keyboard, notes one octave UP from where I am playing seem to move on the little virtual keyboard in the Kontakt Player. In other words, if I play the low C, the corresponding note for low C "depresses" on the virtual keyboard at the same time as I press my real keyboard.. AND the note C one octave up from that one ALSO depresses.... it just looks weird. I don't hear octaves or anything.

    This doesn't affect me in any way, I just thought you should know. I don't know if it might affect people who use sequencers.

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    Re: Gofriller Keyswitches aren't visible

    I don't yet have the Gofriller (still waiting for my Go-around package to arrive...), but I recall alot of people have mentioned that problem, so I don't think you've broken it.


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    Re: Gofriller Keyswitches aren't visible

    Nothing broken. The KeySwitches are, for some odd reason, not visible with neither Stradivari nor Gofriller.

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